Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Shade Trees

Few folks take time out and travel around the nation to see things first-hand.  TV shows and news journalists often try to educate folks and show some dynamic side of places....but it's usually a half-ass job.

If you ever get up to the southern side of Virginia....there is Jefferson's Monticello (the home which was under renovation up until the month he died).  If you had ever brought up the matter of a house under a thirty-odd year renovation and never being complete....I would imagine Jefferson just sitting there with a grin, and admitting that he just didn't know how to finish it.

As you gaze at the on the left-hand side is this personal garden that Thomas Jefferson had his staff attend to.  The curious thing is that he put in these shade the right provide a decent air conditioning-effect.  A guy could sit there for hours in the hot July sun....sipping cider, and contemplating the republic, farming, the best apples for desert, verses from the old Testament, farmer wisdom, and the best applications for horse manure.....he'd feel a decent breeze on this hilltop, and with the shade....feel just a bit cool on a hot day.

Two hundred years later?  We don't contemplate these simple acts of planning.  We don't note the simplicity of a man's desires.  We usually overlook plain achievements.  And we just fail to notice the lesser things in life.