Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Effects of Busy Beavers

Around the clock.....twenty-four hours a day.....there are political folks thinking, discussing, writing, and creating new laws.  You could say they are trying to help us in some sense.  Every time that something bad happens....these guys redouble their efforts....and write more laws.

This week with the DC shooting need to settle back to ponder upon something.

First, the shotgun that this crazy guy had.....was legally purchased.....via the effective nature of the federally required background check.  He passed, when he sought to buy the weapon.  Nothing prevented him from the purchase.....because nothing in the records indicated that he was crazy.

Folks can sit around for days and days.....thinking over the effective nature and the law covering the background check.  Basically, it's a failure, but it's perfectly worded on paper and perfectly applied.

Second, the Washington DC city council went to the fullest extent possible.....making weapons awful hard to acquire, possess, and carry.  Half of the residents of DC would say it's effectively working.  The other half?  They'd mostly laugh and point at weekly shootings and killings.

In this case, the shooter carried his shotgun through the violation of the law.  Punishment?  Well, the guy is it doesn't matter.  The value of the pages and pages of DC law?  Zero.

Third and final.  Navy commanders and the Pentagon security folks....all write down hundreds of pages of regulation over the effective security procedures for their establishments.  There are several regulations that the shooter carrying the shotgun onto the groundd.  But the effective nature of the regulations?  Zero.

All of these people, and thousands more....will gaze at the shooting, and sit for days.  Then they will write even more laws and regulations.  A guy can sit and ponder over how many pages will exist in fifty years, and if any of these laws really prevent anything.  It all looks good.....but laws are meant for law-abiding people, and not for crazy folks.

There were a couple of signals that this guy should have been put into a facility, but on the judge would have stood up and taken the action (my humble opinion).  Across the nation today, there's at least a hundred thousand Americans who ought to be locked up in a mental protect the safety of society.  We aren't willing to write these regulations, these laws, or to enforce them.  That's the sad part about this story.