Saturday, 28 September 2013

The President and Senator Cruz

Over the past week....watching this Dallas-style soap opera unfold in gets the impression that most normal business and expectations....have simply disappeared.

The news media acts more like cheerleaders and used-car dealers....than actual journalists.  You could sit for twelve hours a day, and get two hundred doses of someone's opinion.....mostly which goes to the direction or theme of the Administration.

I came to some point last week after watching talk-show host Mark Levin explain 'French Republicans'.....basically guys who talk Republican, act Republican, walk Republican....but at the end of the the Democratic themes.  I could rattle off six Republican Senators whose behavior is like that on a weekly basis.

This week, Senator Cruz came along and shocked folks in the heartland.  He debates better than ninety-nine percent of the Senators, and there might only be five journalists capable of standing in a debate with him.  The President?  A debate situation between will never happen, but you'd sense that the President would really fall apart on his key theme issues.

Some 'French Republicans' are furious that Cruz suddenly arrived at the peak....after only two years, and he's not showing them respect.  The truth is....they lost their respect a decade or two ago.....and can't really stand in the shadow of Cruz.

2016?  I'd fully expect some Democrat to arrive after the primary season and get all kinds of help from out-going President Obama for the election season.  Cruz is probably already expecting that, and preparing to encourage the President to come and debate him....face to face.  For the's not the kind of clean mess that you'd like to see approaching a presidential election.

This next week?  More loss of respect....more bogus talk from the Administration....more French Republicans chatting like idiots.....more journalism bluffs....and Americans mostly shaking their heads and wondering if there's any end to this soap opera.