Sunday, 29 September 2013

NSA: We'd Like to Know You

Yesterday, another dump from Ed Snowden occurred over NSA.

Basically, the boys have been busy over the past three years....gleaning your data from social networks and a vast forest of data available to them.

This collection of info?  Well, it includes your banking information, your credit card info and usage, insurance of various varieties (to include the new heathcare deal), your Facebook profile, travel information (airline manifests, ship listings, entry and exits), state voting rolls, GPS data, property ownership and taxes, and your general federal, state and local tax situation.

So you can imagine Gus sitting at NSA on a project, and somehow your name comes up on a airline manifest on six occasions.....where Muhammad V Muhammad was also on the same plane.  The odds of this? in a million.  You were traveling to visit your buddy in Sarasota Springs who has a fancy upscale house and a membership at a four-star golf resort.  You and him golf several times a year.

Gus looks over this odd and Muhammad V Muhammad on the same plane six times in one year.  Gus doesn't believe in one in a million odds.

So Gus starts to look over the twenty-five different databases that he can access.  Then he gets authorization to breeze through your high school records, your university records, and even your purchases at Randy's Gun Emporium last year.

A month into this....Gus has decided that you might have some  real connection to this Muslim guy....mostly off no real convincing data.  An investigation now starts....four FBI guys on your trail....watching you as days come and go.

They follow you to Sarasota and view the golf game.  They note your drinking habits, and eventually....there's a four-hundred page document produced of their efforts.  Deep into the gut of the's revealed that you always sat in row two of the plane (first class), and Muhammad V Muhammad always sat mostly in the back.

Finally, some dimwit manager at the FBI stands up and asks three stupid questions....which Gus can't answer, and the FBI guys know the obvious response.  There's nothing here.....drop the mess.

What you don't realize for the next twenty that you came awful close to some federal guys walking into your house with a search warrant, and possibly arresting you....over the NSA's view of reality.

The government?  They've wasted around $250,000 in man-hours checking you find that you golf a lot, spend tons of money on airline tickets, and vote mostly Democrat.  They also find that you sip cheap booze, have six fake Facebook friends from Angola, get $9 haircuts via Marty's barbershop, drive a Chevy that is in the shop every six months, dye your hair on a monthly basis, have a secret girlfriend in Tupelo who you buy chocolate every month for, and watch Fox News.

Who invented this new gimmick of NSA?  Don't know.  Who thinks it's a wise idea to go this way?  There's probably a hundred dimwits who would appear in the Senate chambers to say it's perfectly ok.
Sadly.....NSA probably even has a guy who reads my blog nightly, and makes notes.  There's a database to note topics and agendas.  And the guy even gets paid for this.

Westgate Mall and the Rest of the Story

The rest of the story on the Kenya Westgate Mall episode will start to fall into the hands of US news media folks by Sunday afternoon.

What you will come to find?  The Muslims in this attack.....knifed and killed kids.   They gouged eyes out of people.  They used pliers to pull fingers off.  They castrated guys at gun-point.  They tortured dozens as they sat for their end.  Their leader finished off his buddies at the right point, then burned their buddies so that no recognition would be possible.

Kenyan soldiers and cops who have come into the affected zone.....are mostly overcome by the brutal nature of what they see.  I would imagine most will be affected for the rest of their lives.  No explanation can fit to what the human would accept.

Journalists will have a hard time putting any spin on this story.  I suspect most people will come to this view that no one in the Muslim religion is really innocent on this business.

As for the Kenyan reaction?  They are going to quietly go over the mess, gather evidence, and a month from now....likely present it in a public forum.  Muslim leaders will just gaze away.  There's not much anyone can say except some folks died miserable deaths....long-tortured deaths.....and some kids were killed in the name of some fake Muslim God and agenda.

Kenyans will look over this for a while, and quietly....eyeball the affected areas of Somalia where these Muslim groups operate out of.  Several African countries will simply look the other way, as Kenyan forces march through in early 2014, and gut entire communities of Muslims.  You either move on or you die at the hands of a Kenyan soldier.  The UN will blast this attitude.....but no one else in Africa will say much of anything.

The reality is that a cult group has extended themselves around the world....allowed dimwits to take charge, and execute innocent humans, in the name of some fake Islamic God.