Monday, 30 September 2013

Logical Questions

Which bothers you more?  A government shut-down or a NCAA football season shut-down?

If you were in dire consequences, who would be more helpful to you.....your next-door neighbor or some Senator from a thousand miles away?

If you were awful bad sick and needed to stay on the couch all day....would you prefer to watch CNN the entire day, or sixteen episodes of Bonanza?

Who is a better salesman.....your local Ford dealer or your local Senator?

If Facebook disappeared tomorrow....would it really bother you?

Would you be more disturbed over a septic-tank failure or government-failure?

Is there any real difference between the cheap McDonalds coffee and Starbucks coffee?

If Amtrak ran a new line that came with ten miles of your house....would it influence you to suddenly start riding the train....even if you've never ridden the train in your entire life?

If you knew that thirty percent of the folks on a Greyhound bus had warrants out on them, or recently wrapped up drug rehab....would it deter you from riding the bus?

Is there any TV minister who really is legit, honest, and wholesome?

Can you remember any episode of Mr Ed (the talking horse) that really made sense or was worth watching?

Would it bother you if your Mennonite neighbor came up and wanted to secretly run an electrical line across your property to the back of his house and secretly get electricity?

Which would you prefer as a neighbor?  A meth guy, a Italian mafia guy, an Iranian bio-tomato farmer, or a lusty gal who mowed the lawn in a halter top that was two sizes too small?

If Cuban hospitals charged fees that were twenty percent of what the regular US hospitals were charging.....would you be willing to fly down and have stuff done?

If the entire staff of the Today Show were dumb as bricks....would that really deter you from watching them?

Does anything that happens in Syria really bother you?