Thursday, 3 October 2013

Women Drivers (or the lack of such)

A couple of years ago....Saudi Arabia turned loose a special committee of sorts....actually a Muslim religious study the idea of allowing women to drive.

The end product of discussion and investigation?

Well....the religious council came to advise the royal Saudi government that relaxing the ban on women drivers....would lead onto some serious consequences.

First, women drivers would lead to more homosexuality in the county.  Details and scientific analysis were lacking....but it was a simple fact.

Second, relaxing the ban on women drivers would lead more Saudi men and women to porn addictions.  Details and scientific analysis were lacking....but it was a simple fact.

Third, relaxing the ban on women drivers would lead to more children being born with disorders.  Details and scientific analysis were lacking.....but it was a simple fact.

Fourth, relaxing the ban on women drivers would lead onto more divorces, and more prostitution.  Details and scientific analysis were lacking....but it was a simple fact.

Fifth, relaxing the ban on women drivers would lead within a no more virgins within the kingdom.  Details and scientific analysis were lacking....but it was a simple fact.

For the record, for roughly seventy years....women drivers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been forbidden.

Presently, Saudi Arabia is the last country left on the face of the Earth....with a ban on women drivers.

A Bama guy would look upon this type of thinking, and admit it's an interesting crowd.  You form national consensus and a vision of the way ahead....with no reality, no pure logic, no analysis, and no facts.  Leadership doesn't really just have some dopes who get peppy over religion and it's connections to life.

There's an interesting thing coming in 2015....Saudi women will have the right to vote handed to them.  No one is real sure over what this will mean in the end.  Maybe the Tea Party arriving...."Saudi-style"?  Maybe the women driver-ban being disposed in a decade?  Maybe nothing changes?  Life is full of surprises.  I'm guessing the Saudis by 2017....are in a fit of sorts....with half the nation wondering where normalcy went, and the other half wondering just how far you can push a bunch of idiots.

South Park

South Park had been on for about a decade....before I sat down one day and watched an episode....the ManBearPig introduction of Al Gore.

For roughly twenty-odd minutes....I was entertained.  Then I sat there at the conclusion and realized that a lesson had been laid out for an adult or child to sit and ponder upon.  You could ask yourself a couple of simple questions....feel amused....find some logic....and conclude that Al Gore and Global Warming were jokes.

Over the past five years....I've come to respect South Park.  It's not a cartoon as kids grew up with in the 1960s.  They are careful to weave in some four-star dialog....some comic relief....some scenarios that blend into the news....and give you twenty-odd characters that you seem curious about.

The material?  There are times that you'd think that Hemingway or George Orwell or George Gordon Byron might have written on a slow afternoon.  A simple piece on the opera of wrestling....leading onto a staged event....and ending with a five-star climax.....all done by cartoon characters out of some Colorado mountain town?  It ought to be impossible.

Wit and wisdom are dispensed from minute to minute. find yourself hit with a one-liner by Butters....and you have to rewind to hear the quote a second time.

South Park in some a bigger threat to liberals than the Republican Party.  It's causing you to think over words spoken, fake political theater, amusing wannabe journalism, and TV programming out of control.  Toss in the characters who progress with problems each week, and seem to need a Jesus-character to save them, and the series hits you with a dose of reality.

Limits?  I just can't think of a single topic that they won't touch.  That might be the key to its success.

Juvenile?  Well...I'd agree that eight-year old kids are watching it and laughing.  But there's sixty-year old guys watching it, and laughing as well.  It stretches across the various borders.

In this mighty world that we's hard to imagine that a cartoon with kid characters.....would challenge us to the extent that Socrates might have expected.