Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Ten Things I Can't Stand Anymore

I've come to this list of things that I really don't have much patience with anymore.  I've gotten to an age with some limits.

1.  I can't stand the vast majority of the Today Show.  It doesn't matter who the host is.....I just have this feeling of fake news, fake journalism, fake reality, etc.  They seem to want you to reprioritize your thoughts and put some items at the very top....which make no sense.  The New York scale of things? seems to bleed into every story.  The five-minute news piece at the top of the hour?  You get this impression that some second-year college student wrote the piece and edited it to the extent that you are expected to be as dumb as a brick.

2.  Interviews with Senators.  Frankly, I've reached a point where it doesn't matter what network is on....any interview involving a Senator....I'd prefer to hit the mute button.  Maybe it's the quality of the idiots coming into DC, or too many minutes watching Senator McCain, or the feeling of a dimwit explaining something complex to you.....but I just don't have much patience left for these guys.  I'd almost prefer to hear an interview with retired New York Yankee short-stops....than Senators.

3.  After-shave and perfume.  Truthfully?  I can sit in a restaurant or pub now, and smell a dozen different bogus smells, and it all tends to smell like some Bulgarian brothel.  Some of these perfumes today tend to smell like some citrus kitchen clean....which makes me to wonder who exactly is designing this stuff.  And these idiots pay $50 a bottle for it?

4.  FM pop and rock stations.  Ninety percent of what I tend to hear on regular FM pop and rock stations is crap.  I've come to this opinion after a couple of months in Germany and realizing the better tunes and choices being played here.  Maybe it's the bogus nature of the music business in the US, or just people stuck on Madonna or some rapper.....but it's gotten to a point of being pretty bad.

5.  Lawyer Advertisements on TV.  In the 1990s.....I might have seen a dozen commercials a year on some channel.....laying out legal options and services.  Today?  On an average day with a network out of Huntsville.....there's probably forty legal service advertisements.  They are begging you to call up and sue someone.  They hint always of massive wins....but after you figure taxes and their'd barely walk away with forty percent of the real take.  All that pressure and stress.....for a limited amount?

6.  Bad hotels.  Two decades ago.....I would have stayed at a Motel-Six and never said a word.  Today?  Between bed-bugs, bad maid service, potential for crime, and crappy rooms.....I just don't have patience for a bad hotel.  For this reason, I find myself forcing the scale upwards.....toward more expensive places.....just to feel good for twelve brief hours.  Another extra forty bucks, for twelve lousy hours that come and go.

7.  Medical TV Experts.  In an average year.....if you counted are confronted with at least four hundred different medical experts of various sorts from your TV viewing.  They will tell you all kinds of things.  To be honest, after a while.....I start to question half of them and their advice.

8.  Soap operas.  There might have been this brief period in the 1980s where I'd watch some soap opera on a regular basis.  Today?  They all seem fairly fake, with dimwit characters that can't seem to get nothing right, and story-lines that just stagnant.  You'd like to meet up with this Phil-character and just knock some sense into him.  You'd like to drag this Wesley-character over to a barber and give him a Marine-cut.  You'd like to drag the real Wanda-character and the fake Wanda-character both into a mental hospital and just leave them there.  I'd almost accept watching McHale's Navy over any soap opera on TV today.

9.  Climate Change experts.  The minute that CNN or ABC introduces Doctor So-v-So of some Global Warming foundation....I've stamped him fake and bogus.  It doesn't matter what degree he pretends to have, or some research he cherry-picked, or the weeks he spent in the Arctic studying weasels......he's fake.

10.  Time and Newsweek.  When I travel....I need something to read.  I'll usually pick newspapers of some variety.  Time and Newsweek?  I just won't touch.  They've lost their appeal.....rely on some fake stance or view....and limit you to one understanding of a topic.  So I skip them.