Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Hours Topic

As a kid, I can remember most all stores closing down by 7PM.  It wasn't a big deal.....maybe a fair sized crowd over the last hour or so of the store being open, but that was life.

At some point in the 1980s....stores went into hyper mode.  Some stayed open till 10PM.  Over the last decade.....you can find a number of Wal-mart operations that stay open twenty-four hours a day, and long list of stores open to midnight.

I was reading through the international press, and noted this odd story coming out of Paris.

A court stepped in and forced a store to accept local standards on closing time.  The store in question?  Sephora (they specialize in cosmetics and fancy smelling liquids).  They had this notion of staying open until midnight through the week, and until 1AM on Friday and Saturday evenings.

I sat there....pondering....who the heck walks into a perfume and cosmetic shop at 11:30PM?

Would a French gal sit there at the couch, and suddenly dictate to Arbor or Remy that they've run out of some pond-water solution, and at 10:45PM....they might need to drive over to the cosmetic shop to pick up some fresh new batch?

Would Arbor or Remy react?  It's hard to imagine some tough French guy standing there and thinking of going out....but not for a beer or soccer game....but to take their Coco down to shop that late?

The sad thing is that you actually need the government to step in and tell you as a business owner or company....to better manage your work-hours and open-hours.

Then you start to ponder over what stores ought to be open until midnight.  A chain-saw dealer?  A muffle-repair shop?  A fake-made-in-Mexico fur shop?  A weed distributor?  A septic tank dealer?

All of this leads to one conclusion.....we seem to have better things to do than sleep.  And that just doesn't seem right or logical.