Thursday, 10 October 2013

Explaining Climate Generation

Bama guys like science.....but it has to be simple and to the point.  The minute you consume more than fifty've lost the audience around you completely.  The explanation has to be simple enough....that even a Bama high school science teacher can comprehend.

So the topic is spontaneous generation.  A simple term.

Years and decades ago.....folks believed in this remarkable science theory.  If you asked educated folks around in the 1700s....the great majority would say it's a fact....yet unproven.

So the theory goes this way.  You tossed some cheese into a closet....a week later there's a mouse in that closet.  The idea of the spontaneous generation was that the cheese created the mouse because he wasn't in the closet before.

Naturally, in today's'd look at the idiot explaining this and suggest that he'd best find another occupation or career in life....if he was intending to be a scientist.

In the 1700s....this spontaneous idea really helped a lot of folks explain the realities of life around them.  You didn't need a complicated this just plain made good sense.

To some degree in today's world.....we need spontaneous generation to some exist.  We don't have facts in the bulk of we work with theories, and computer models.  Eventually, we publish these as 'fact', encouraging people go just let go of disbelief and absorb our modern version of spontaneous generation.

Course, a Bama guy would step into a mess like this.....suggest the spontaneous nature of this new 'fact', and the other guy would get all disturbed and upset.  Challenging folks, and dumping on new science isn't very polite.  So we tend to grin.....just shake our heads at the dimwit, and walk away.  He might think he's sold folks on spontaneous generation....but the truth is that most disbelieve this guy's science and don't want to insult him too badly.

Global cooling, global warming, climate change, and climate generation?  Yeah, the mouse-in-the-closet concept.