Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Difference between 1941 and 2013

In 1941, the United States was suddenly, and deliberately attacked....provoked into a war beyond anything that they could have imagined.  Over the course of the next one-hundred days....a group of men sat down and drew up requirements.  These were simple requirements, with a clear understanding of what was to be delivered.

Tanks, battleships, cruisers, jeeps, rifles, winter clothing, battle rations, bullets, mortars, bazookas, canteens, web-belts, first-aid kits, and a million other items were all included in this requirement list.

Then the experts sat down and delivered.  Tanks had to crank up, and fire.  Battle rations had to be edible.  Bullets had to work when needed.  Submarines had to sustain life, and deliver torpedoes as necessary.  B-17s had to fly into a hornets nest, sustain the crew onboard, and recover back at the base.

It worked.

So here in 2013, we settled upon some software architect design, paid some dimwits to build it, counted the days and weeks down, and figured it'd all work OK in the end.

It didn't work.

Across the nation, a significant number of people needed it to work, and expected it to be simple.  A guy with a simple high school education.....ought to be able to log-on.....perform the actions....find a number of health insurance packages....price them.....grasp that nothing is really free or cheap, and come to this decision.  He probably won't be happy or ever satisfied, but it was a simple requirement that was achievable.

The difference between 1941 and 2013?  Three simple things.  First, we aren't capable of making anything simple anymore.  Happy meals must have warnings on the package, with toys approved by some authority, and meet some kind of guidelines.  Simplicity in design has dried up, evaporated, and disappeared.

Second, we forgot the concept of limiting the initial product to a limited design and architecture, and building onto the item in version two, version three, and version four.

Third and final....we politicized something....that ought never be politicized.  The minute you turn religion, health care, business, entertainment, or sports into something political....it starts a trend of failure somewhere down the line.  No one is ever content ever again.  If we had politicized 1941 and the buildup to fight the Nazis.....we'd still be fighting them today....with guns that only fire one out of every three bullets delivered, or tanks that crap out after sixteen miles on the road.

There's something wrong here....but it's best that we just don't start thinking about comparing 1941 and 2013.  We might get a bit frustrated, angry, and negative.....and that just wouldn't help to fix a big mess.

When News isn't News

Last week, while on vacation....I watched several TV reports and read through several newspaper accounts of how the Republican Party is going to break up into two parties.  I sat there laughing for the most part.  You have dimwits who are mostly Democrats in nature, both in politics and journalism....stating this belief.....telling you that they believe in this break-up.

It's kinda like some Catholic priest telling  you that the Baptist Church is in terrible woes and folks are breaking off into other sect-groups.

Course, a normal guy would bring up the fact that the old-style Democrats of the 1970s....really don't fit with the Democratic Party of 2013.  Or how the  union guys of the 1960s....are out of touch with the union guys of this era.  Or you could bring up how journalists of this era can't conduct investigative journalism like the journalists of the 1960s.

I hate to suggest this.....but news really isn't news anymore.

More than half of the journalists around today....are mostly cheerleaders who have a degree in something but it's not really journalism.  They are pretenders of some noted variety.

By November of 2014.....some idiot will ask the journalists if the Republican Party has broken up into second and third parties.....which will trigger the journalist to think for a second and respond 'no'.  They will become defensive and say that they had someone suggest this to them, and don't remember who it was.

Perhaps someone should start a rumor that the Democratic Party has already broken up five times and gathered their folks back into the fold as each election has occurred.  As much as old-style southern Democrats hate the national party of today....they stick to them.  As much as environmentalists hate the national party.....they stick with them.  As much as union guys hate the national party.....they stick with them.  As much as women hate the national party....they stick with them.

Yeah, it's really not news, if  you think about it enough.

Simply Observations

I've noticed Sixty Minutes getting all peppy about political figures using their political funds for slush funds and hiring relatives off the practice. It's amazing.....this was a prime story back around the 2001-period and spoken about to a great extent. And now....CBS Sixty minutes acting like it's a big new story? It kinda shows how bad investigative journalism has fallen over the past decade....finding old news....renewing the title and acting like it's big stuff.

The whole background to the ObamaCare failure? Well.....you hire a vice-president of a company to go high-political and get connections. That VP goes and gets a big contract for the company for around 98-million dollars, which comes only because of connections and a political donation. The company is smart....they build this database program around software design of a decade ago....which most insurance companies knew and used....at least in 2003/2004. You build this almost obsolete program....to corner the government in a year or two....forcing them to pay you 'fix-it', and then you convince them to pay more....to replace it. We are at the $500-million point right now....with a broke program, and by January....they will have spent another $500-million....making this billion dollar deal a comedy of sorts. Who should be held responsible? That's the big question....someone has to be fired.

The French are terribly upset that NSA has gathered up their phone records and recorded conversations. They've asked for the ambassador to come by and explain things, and yesterday....they had President Obama call. The best they got....was that there ought to be some talks over this. I would imagine that the President will just ask them for the information....rather than having the NSA drill into their systems. The French will stand there in amazement....then comply. The question would be.....do we even have French translation folks to run through billions of emails or phone traffic?

Finally, some group did science research and have this interesting idea.  Folks who have poor sleep....on a continual basis....have a higher rate of Alzheimer's.  There's no concrete reason given...mostly speculation over the build-up of plaque on the brain.  This might take another five years to develop the idea.....but it would start to explain better ways of fighting Alzheimers.....which generally would relate back to getting folks eight decent hours of sleep.  A hundred years ago....as the sun went down.....folks generally got tired, and fell asleep, and didn't get up until the sun rose.  We've lost that habit.