Wednesday, 23 October 2013

If You Built Your House Like ObamaCare

If you bought some property and intended to build your dream house on it, and you used the ObamaCare strategy of management....the following would be true.

You'd write up a six-hundred page document of requirements for the house.  Various rooms would have both 110-and-220 voltage.  Some electrical outlets would be one-foot off the ground, and some would be one-foot off the ceiling.  Some carpet would be imported from Taiwan.  Some bathroom tiles would come from Honduras.  The shower would have a temperature gauge, a pressure gauge and a 40-setting that managed the way water hit your body.  The garage would be heated and cooled....precisely to 64 degrees.  Your windows would all be imported in from Belgium, and installed only by French-speaking guys.

As the head contractor started to order all the pieces and decide a week into this episode that the lot you planned to use.....isn't big you stall the project for a month while looking for a bigger lot.

Once the new lot was restart the project.  A week later.....a flash flood occurs, and covers the lot with two inches of water.

You hire some genius with flood episodes named Larry to examine the lot and the historical situation.  He charges $250 an hour.  Two days later, he says there's an average flood like this every sixteen years.  You stop the project and move back to the original lot.

You restart the project, and quickly decide that the amount of lighting in the requirements document is just not you bring in some South Korean lighting engineer to study your situation.  He recommends massive changes, and the head contractor admits that he already procured the original light items.....which he can't return them.

Two months into suddenly decide a second set of stairs is necessary to get into the basement.  The architect draws this up, and changes occur to the original plan.  Added cost?  Seven thousand for this one stairway.

A week later, you decide that you need a wine storage area in the basement, and stall the building team a month while figuring out how to place it neatly into the right area.

A month goes by and your wife decides that the kitchen isn't "French-enough", and redesigns the whole look again.  Added cost?  $140,000 and an extra month waiting for a delivery from the south of France.

Four days later,  your kids complain that their rooms need more electrical power.  Each wants a full-up refrigerator....with ice-maker.

Three years after the projects's finally finished.  As you inspect the house, you find 88 different issues with the original requirement and refuse to pay the construction team their final bill until these are fixed.  He refuses to certify the house as liveable....which means the city won't allow you to move into a house without that certificate.

Days, weeks, and months you argue.  The truth's not complete.  It will never be complete.  It will never function as a simple house with four walls, a roof, and basic life requirements.
ObamaCare had great designs and massive requirements....over 2,000 pages of law, and at least twenty thousand pages of regulation now written into it.  It's a bold system that goes beyond anything that the government has ever done.  You can imagine D-Day operations and planning.....if the same people had been in charge of it.  Eisenhower would have dissolved the planning committee and simply told the President it wasn't practical to invade.

The sad thing is that some people had expectations and real need for health insurance of some marginal type.  Health Insurance companies function.....only if there is profit to be made....otherwise, they'd dissolve overnight.  We tried to treat a it was a personal life-saver, and things just don't work that way.