Monday, 28 October 2013

The Heat Prediction Business

Some smart guys sat down at the Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder (Colorado) and came to this amazing conclusion.  They can predict periods of intense of heat approximately three weeks ahead of time.

They've looked over weather records and patterns since the late 1940s....studying the jet scream and various other weather items....coming to the conclusion that they can actually predict the intense heat periods.

What does this mean for the typical farmer or rural guy?'s hard to say.

If I came up to you on the 4th of June and said that intense heat is coming around 24 June....would you do anything to prepare for this?  Would you schedule some off-time?  Would you pack up and tour the Great Lakes at the end of June....just to get out of the heat?

This is the curious thing about knowledge.  Unless you know how to use's of no great use.

A farmer might get smart and work his butt off for that three week period....eighteen hours a day of work, and then for this period of intense heat (maybe two weeks, maybe four weeks)....just work two or three hours in the morning, and fish the rest of the day.

Electricity folks?  Oh, this might be an interesting item to know....when surges occur for days at a time and you can rig the prices to be higher and just grin when folks ask questions.

Now, if the weather guys could just predict tornadoes and develop the ability to dilute them.....I'd be willing to put them up for a Nobel Prize or such.