Friday, 1 November 2013

The Phony Story

About a dozen times a year...Thomas Sowell puts out a five-star column.  This week, he published "Obama and the Art of Phoniness".  It's a good read if you have five minutes.

Basically, Sowell brings up the art of phoniness.  I came to note this back in 2010 when I went back to the states and started to watch national news.

After a few months....I came to note the various phoney journalists who are mostly wannabe journalists.  They can't investigate anything, because they'd have to tell a story that isn't agreeable with their politics or their network policy.  They've generally become best.

Then I started to view the various experts or foundation members who'd show up to explain in detail some issue or problem.  Most of them....were phoney.  There were four-star retired generals, business men, political players, and charity dimwits....all talking phoney views on something.

With all the airtime, and open spots....I think the US media system has reached a point where they need to fill up space, and accepting phoniness is simply part of the normal operation.  One hour of the Today Show probably is all you need....after simply fill up time with phoney important people or phoney issues.

The same is true for the Hollywood reporter reports.....which drift off into phoney subject matter, and fake reporting.  Yeah, Kim Kardashian, Dancing with the Stars, and wrestling are all phony.  Yeah, half the guests on Bill O'Reilly of Fox News....are phony.  Yeah, MSNBC is able to fill most of the twenty-four hours a day with phony news.

Americans are kinda used to's a situation that we saw locally, and as things developed over the past couple of's now a national trend.

Sowell's comment is that the President is now readily identified as a phoney.  The trouble here is that you kinda need one good compass point in the nation....that people have some trust and belief in.  If a vast number of Americans regard the Presidency as fake or phony.....there's not much hope in the future.  The President ends up as a part-time comedian who appears on the Tonight Show and laughs it up with Jay Leno.  That just won't work.