Thursday, 14 November 2013

Simply Observations

Perhaps it's just me....but isn't it odd that all this vast amount of investigative journalism that exists in the United States.....literally thousands of them.  And six months ago....they never came to ask any questions or deem the incoming Affordable Healthcare Act as a potentially screwed up piece of work?  CBS?  NBC?  Washington Post?  New York Times?  Were the investigative journalists just napping, or sent off to Florida to cover gas station fires?

Bowie State, a Maryland public college....woke up and kinda realized how the ACA episode affects student healthcare packages that they offered.  For decades....most American universities offered a cheap policy for students....that really didn't help students that much, and was often a 2-star policy at best.  Bowie reviewed the new rules....looked at the old price of $50 a semester, and then said for them to offer a legit policy by the'd require a payment of $900 per semester.  You can imagine some dimwit 18-year-old kid looking at this bill and asking how they'd ever pay that $900.  So, Bowie did what they had to do.....end all health insurance policies by the university, period.

Finally, last week....some idiot drove up to a Dunkin Donuts, portraying himself as law enforcement, and demanded a discount.  For whatever reason....the clerk didn't buy into this at all.  There's likely no discount for anybody.  Well....things got testy here, and the clerk called the real cops.  They show up.....things got all heated.  Cops have arrested this guy for impersonating a cop, which is an offense that might get you weeks in the county jail.  You can imagine the first day in jail.....with meth-head Bob asking you what you did, and the best you can admit is that you impersonated a cop to get discount donuts.  It's a lousy story, and meth-head Bob just isn't going to believe you.