Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Other "Group"

Science has turned a corner once again.  This week, David Reich (Harvard Med School) put out an article in the magazine Nature.  Basically, he's laid out the evidence that not only did modern man and Neanderthals exist and likely have lots of physical relations (lusty stuff, for you guys in Bama).....but there was another third series of man walking around at the time as well.

The evidence?  There's some bones found in a cave in Siberia....which don't match up to DNA of modern man or Neanderthal.  So, a third club of folks upon the the same time as the other two.

The article in Daily News out of London is an interesting piece.

The science guys come down to this point of suggesting that there just might be a number of human-like creatures existing at this time....and they all have mingled up their DNA with the other lusty relations.

These various diseases.....HIV, cancer, hepatitis, leprosy, small pox, etc?  Each has a link to some part of the DNA process.  There's years and years of research in this area to be done....but we just might discover that some folks are more prevalent to get cancer than others....because of a lesser  Neanderthal DNA sequence in them.  Or we might be able to smoke three packs of smokes a day....simply because we have extra strong Neanderthal DNA in our sequence.

What gets to being curious here is that you can imagine yourself....handsome Bama guy walking around 30,000 years ago.  You turn the corner and there's this Wanda the Neanderthal gal standing there.  She's a bit chunky at 180 pounds....dark hair....a wicked grin....and some looks that ought to drive a normal guy in the opposite direction.

Something clicks.  You overlook your natural tendency to walk out of a honky-tonk, or note that you've got important business at the general store.  You chat a while with Neanderthal Wanda, and end up in a compromising situation.

A couple of months pass, and Wanda lets you know that she's in a family-sort-of-way.  You hook up with Wanda, moving to the third mountain range to the that your buddies don't know about this.  A year later, you run into Carl, who has done the same thing.  Months later, you run into Monty....who did the same thing.

It's all like some Hollywood guy bumping into trailer-trash from Memphis.  You just don't know the implications until thousands of years later.

Now, we have to consider the implications of a third race....mingling with the human-like folks and the Neanderthals.....creating more stress, chaos, and unknowns.