Thursday, 21 November 2013

Simply Observations

The Norwegian army stood up in the midst of this global warming talk, and has announced that they are going vegetarian one day week, to demonstrate their caring for the environment.  Well.....the headquarters of the Norwegian army said this.  Personally, after twenty-two years in the Air Force, it'd be hard for me to stand there in some chow hall....seeking vittles at breakfast, lunch and dinner on one day....and discover no meat.   About the only way I'd accept something like to have an all-beer Monday to make up for the no-meat Monday.  Maybe that's the strategy with the Norwegians.

I guess some Judge Judy episode popped up yesterday in the US.  It apparently set an all-time record....lasting twenty seconds.  The guy accused of taking someone's billfold accidentally admitted guilt, and Judge Judy just whacked the hammer down and pronounced "done", judgement set.  I hadn't been a big Judge Judy fan until this last trip to Bama and my dad's ritual watching of the show.  I have to admit.....she sees through the "fog" rather quickly.

The UN climate talks in Poland this week....have kinda hit full maximum turbo.....mostly spinning their wheels.  The issue came to a point where the poorer nations had this thought that the pot of money on the table for them in this redistribution game....wasn't big enough.  When you get forty-odd countries who are awful poor on the scale of life.....and you've been invited to some fancy talks where tons of money are being kinda know your number.  In this case.....after you divide up the 'loot' just isn't coming to your magic number.  Shocking.  The gimmick guys behind all of this.....can't really go forward, and it's a disaster in public perception if they falter backwards.  The Australian government....for several years came to the meetings with the best pretenders.  This year?  A change in the Australian government triggered a new crew for this climate talk meeting.....dressed in t-shirts, lounging on the side of the meeting, sipping coffee, and just plain having fun.

Finally, some guy from Palo Alto, California....a Korean War vet.....made the decision to run off to North Korea on some tourist trip.  He's eighty-five years old. The trip finished up OK at the airport, and the guy got on the plane....sitting comfortably and waiting to take off to China, and return to the US.  Then, the stewardess brings on these two North Korean security guys.....points this guy out, and he gets led off the plane.  That was four weeks ago.  So far, no one has seen or heard from this guy.  Don't know if he's dead, charged with a crime, or laying in some ditch.  Frankly, it's hard to figure guys who run off to the end's of the Earth....especially North Korea.  It'd seem like we got enough whacked up places in the get busted for something, and at least you'd kinda know the anticipated outcome.  In this case?  He just might be in trouble for thanking someone for their kindness, or buying something that he wasn't supposed to buy.