Monday, 25 November 2013

Redistribute Is Such a Harsh Word

You could live your entire least in Bama.....and never hear the word redistribute.

The actual meaning?  To distribute AGAIN, in a different way.

In simple terms, Grandma cooked up a pecan pie and made eight slices.  For some reason, folks at the table felt that the heavy-eaters were getting too they recut the pie into sixteen pieces, but denied the heavy-eaters anything but one mini-slice, while the others at the table got two and three slices of the smaller pecan pie.  To be honest, some folks aren't partial to pecan pie and they just left one of their three pieces just half eaten.

In other terms, you cut down several trees on the property and chopped wood for five days straight to have a ton of firewood.  Your nephew Delbert....less than the favorite from all the kin...noted that you got a mighty fine house with plenty of natural gas heat.  You don't need all that firewood that you cut....and you ought to allow him to just drive up and load up a pick-up load for free.  Course, he didn't help chop the trees down, and he didn't help split a single piece.  He just wants some firewood freely....mostly because you are Christian or just stupid enough to agree.

Another way, your sister notes that you've got a new fancy refrigerator in the house, and two extra refrigerators in the garage (mostly for bulk buys at Sam's Club).  She brings up the fact that you got way too much refrigeration, and ought to just give her one of the two in the garage.  Flat $20 or a swap of some garage sale junk.

Another way?  Your cousin Marvin comes over and notes that you've got six cases of beer in the laundry room....way too much for a guy like you.  He hints that he'd like to take one case with him as he leaves the house.  Free beer.....just because he's a relative of sorts.

In the past fifty years....redistribution got to be discussed more and more.  There are a fair number of folks who pretend they ought to live beyond a bold new world.  It's a different kind of world....where the redistribution ought to make up for the false achievements of capitalism.

Basically....when any solution in life involving capitalism comes up as a possible marginal situation....redistribution is deemed the natural fix-it solution.

The environmental guys (Green Peace and the 16,000 other oddball groups).... got taken over a couple of decades ago by the redistribution crowd.

The urban-losers crowd?  They were taken over by the redistribution crowd.

The minority trending crowd?  They were taken over by the redistribution crowd.

The tax-reform crowd?  They are fighting various redistribution efforts, but mostly losing, and will eventually be fully consumed by the redistribution crowd.

It's a gimmick solution.  The guy with the big house.  The guy with the SUV.  The guy who takes the family to Aruba once a year.  The guy with a $4,000 lawn mower.  The gal with the $45,000 BMW.  The family with the cabin in the Kentucky foothills.  The rancher with 12,000 head of livestock.  They are all targets for redistribution.

Some guys sat in a class sixteen minutes of lecture by some loser professor who has never worked a day beyond the university....and suddenly the student feels empowered to fix society's ills.  Capitalism can only be a failure because it's unfair.

The natural tendency here for redistribution to to deny to yourself that this gimmick of taking something already distributed....and redistribute unfair.  Over and over, you have to repeat your idea is right and matter how stupid or unfair it really is.

The strange thing to ponder upon?  Well....all this redistribution stuff only works with things of value.  No one ever seems to want to take the loser players of the Kansas City Royals and redistribute them to Red Sox or Tigers.  No one ever seems to want to take the standard marginal lifestyle and safety of folks in Havana, and introduce that to folks in Miami.  No one seems to want to bus a bunch of trailer-trash tramps from Memphis out to Beverly Hills and resettle them there.

For some odd reason, there's a one-funnel direction on redistribution.    And the anti-capitalists don't seem to grasp that part of the great unfairness of life.

Simply Observations

There was a comment over the weekend about talks between the Fed and major US banks.  The Fed has desired to unease this gimmick Fed rate used for the past couple of years, and go back to a regular routine (real rates).  Well....the banks have countered that they can't make it under the old "norm".  The hint of a threat?  Banks actually said something about charging people....for any type of account.  You can imagine the get a letter from your bank that a savings account is $2 a month, and a checking account is $4 a month.  You'd be furious, and then the Credit Unions would step in to note they aren't going to fall into the charging scheme.  Then everyone would jump to credit unions, and the whole US banking system would collapse in six months.  It's odd how threats work and fail.

There's some report today of science-minded folks who found a way to bottle up the effects of marijuana, for their sick pets.  These folks have determined that their pet is bad off, and that the effect of the marijuana helps the pet to sustain some form of doped-up life.  They think they are doing a good thing.  Generally, if your pet is in that bad of's best to visit the vet and just let them put the animal down.  I just can't see weeding-up some dog as part of his daily life being positive.

This episode on Iran, the nukes and the agreement?'s simple.  Iran is screwed up on various economic scales.  They were bad before the nuke business came along, but marginally making it with dimwit Muslim leadership running the business sector.  If you walked into Iran today, you'd come to say that no one is talking peppy over the business sector, jobs, or the sale of anything beyond the border.  So the leadership bent over backwards to work up a fake deal.  It gets rid of the economic sanctions, and for one brief year.....brings relief to Iran.  Meanwhile?  Israel and Saudi Arabia are both about to work up some military arrangement, where the nuke sites will be bombed....sooner or later.  All this friendly happy-peppy video from the signing of the agreement?  It's mostly bogus stuff where they drink over fake agreements, and congratulate each other for being good at faking diplomacy.  Fake journalists will interview the guys, and someone will even talk of some Nobel Peace Prize.  But it's mostly all fake stuff.

Fake trends?  The Wall Street Journal put up a piece over the weekend....fake social media trends.  Guys buying up fake Twitter accounts, and massive trends being started....but all fake.  Nothing illegal.  Maybe there's an ethics issue.  But society ought to be smart enough to admit that trends are mostly fake to start with.  Maybe this is how bigfoot got to be such a big deal....just a fake social trend by some guy in Montgomery, Bama.

Someone wrote up a science piece for publication on global warming.....basically saying if we went ahead and fixed our carbon issue and did everything "right"....the effects of the damage would continue on for centuries....if not longer.  This kind of analysis....kinda leads one to ask two stupid questions.  Are we saying that if we were a perfect society....we'd just have to suffer through global warming, global cooling, and climate change anyway...for thousands of years...(the answer being this means that we'd have perpetual alarmists always amongst us)?  The second question would be....why bother (the answer being you have to do something)?  It's the kind of report that usually requires two six-packs instead of the traditional one.