Monday, 9 December 2013

Floating in the Air?

This was an act on the streets of Nuremberg today.  The guy in the white robe?  He appears to be levitating.  Only the stick is touching the ground.

You can walk around the guy....there's nothing else touching the ground.  Fake?

Hard to say.  It was a good illusion....that much I will say.

Goose Figures

Stuffed goose?  No.

These are fake cotton goose figures created by local guy in Nuremberg, and sold in the Christmas market.

A Bama guy would pause and think of buying five or six....putting them in some window and driving his hunting dogs crazy.

Cost?  None were marked.  I doubt if you could get even the smaller ones for less than fifty Euro each ($60).

The Perfect Bar Name?

I was walking down the streets of Nuremberg today, and came across this pub.....the Hangover Bar.

I paused for several minutes.  It's rare that you see brilliance in making a name for a bar.  Course, it wasn't open, so I had to pass by.

The size?  Small.....I'd doubt if there's more than thirty seats in the whole place.  But it's got "Sky" that means it's got soccer on the big-screen TV.

Leather Converse Tennis Shoes?

I figured that I'd seen just about everything....well...I was wrong.

Today, I saw the new Chuck Taylor All-Star tennis leather.

My old tennis shoe as a kid....used to be around $7.  This model?  Well...they didn't put the price-tag on the it's probably in the 100 Euro range ($125 roughly).

Would I wear something like this?  No.  I'd look like an fifty-five wearing them.