Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Statue Business

You can imagine a Bama guy wandering on the streets of Nuremberg, and coming to this one window display.  It's an artsy shop on the main shopping 'drag'.  The offerings in the window? A number of lusty lady statues, in some symbolic pose without much clothing.

This gets a Bama guy to thinking.  Who would buy stuff like this, and how would you display it?

A gift for some guy?  Would he place it on his desk?  His mantle?  His bookcase?  On top of his TV?  Next to the coffee machine?  By his tool bench?

It's hard to figure the clients and customer base on this statue business.  It might be a great gag gift....but then some guys might take this the wrong way.  It might be a subtle joke between one bondage queen and her honey.  It might be a suggestive thing between two gals.

I didn't note any pricing on the statues....maybe that's an indicator that it's way beyond what a Bama guy would spend on gifts anyway.