Sunday, 15 December 2013

Another View

Someone did an interview with Stevie Van Zandt.....guitarist and actor.  He often surprises people with common sense and thought-provoking comments.

The question came to him over healthcare and where the current mess resides.

Stevie is spending six months of every year in Norway.  He's seen an awful lot of interesting things, and has a fairly radical view of what the Affordable Healthcare Act lacks.

From the interview, Stevie lays out the problem.....we started this solution from the wrong direction.

Norwegians have decent four-star healthcare, managed by the government, and generally inexpensive.  The reason?  They eat right....they walk....they exercise....and they live lives without a lot of drugs, alcohol, or excesses.

They don't have a bunch of folks lined up on a Friday night in the emergency room of hospitals in Norway....with alcohol or drug issues.

They don't have a lot of obese folks consuming two six-packs of sodas a week.

They don't have a bunch of folks tossing back eleven shots of Jack Daniels at some bar.

Percentage-wise, there's just not a big need for a 300-bed hospital in a town of 20,000 people in Norway.  People live clean and fairly lives.  They don't need $100 of drugs a month at age fifty-five for various ailments.

Stevie is kinda right.  If we had the right discussion, and just started to toss on taxes onto sodas, fast food, and high-sodium grocery items.....things might change.  The trouble here is.....we aren't going to listen to some rock-and-roller guy, who lives half his days in Norway.