Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Niceness Issue

Sometimes, scientists learn something the hard way.

Off in New Zealand, the mental guys sat down and devised this experiment of sorts.  Basically, they recruited this husband and wife.  They didn't tell the wife much about the experiment.  The husband?  Well....he was supposed to suddenly get very agreeable to just about everything the wife suggested.  He was to and simply practice patience.....grin....and bear it.

For roughly four days...both kept notes over where things were developed.  The wife really didn't know the whole implications....and mostly just reacting to a new attitude by the husband.

Somewhere around the 12th day.....the husband came to the science group and admitted there were problems.

The wife was now reacting in a negative way....criticizing the husband in various new ways.  It's hard to imagine what the guy said to the science team....but he must have indicated things were drastically going downhill with all this agreeable business.

So, in favor of society, and maintaining this marriage....the science team halted the experiment, and brought the wife in to explain what they'd told the husband to do.

A guy from Bama could sit and ponder over these implications.  Being that nice and agreeable....all of sudden?  Most Bama gals would be all suspicious and thinking that there's some disaster about to occur, or some new gal from Nashville seeing their man.

The truth is.....a guy just can't be that agreeable in life.  It's ok to be nice and polite.....but there's a safe margin where you need to act like John Wayne, and act disagreeable occasionally.

Problem Number 701 of AHA

In the last month, as we get closer to X-day with the Affordable Healthcare Act....folks got around to picking their new policy.....which meant shopping around.

There's a curious discovery that folks have made.  Generally, if you did have several companies and went for the policy to fit your circumstances (this gold, silver, or such measurement).  And then you went for the best price (meaning, the cheapest).

Well....folks have discovered that if they are the type to travel a good bit.....maybe own a second home four states over.....or sit in a RV in Texas three months out of the year, then their best deal health insurance won't work.  Most of the policies for a guy who is stationary and not traveling around the US.

Yeah, it's kind of a shock for some folks.  They live in New York City, and lounge in Florida for six months out of the year.....and can't find a decent policy that works.

Or you have the folks who own a cabin in Tennessee while they live and work mostly out of Chicago.

Or you have the folks who travel to Louisiana and live with a relative there for sixty days each fall, while living mostly in Boston the rest of the year.

It's hard to say what happens at this point.  Additional insurance policies?  Special types of insurance that cost thirty percent more?

How many Americans fall into this transit situation?  Unknown.  My best and humble guess is a minimum of one million Americans a year are in some transit status.  I used to work with a guy who owned a condo out in San Diego that he'd go out to for four weeks each summer.  He had friends and relatives that he'd allow them to travel and use the condo.  With this present gimmick health's hard to say if he'd feel safe in this type situation.

All of this leads back to the realization of the situation.  Either we mandate ourselves to live in one location and never travel.....or we bring back the brilliant Senators who wrote this fine piece of write more legislation to "fix" this problem (thus creating a new and better problem in the future).  It is....the complex nature of 2013.