Monday, 23 December 2013

The Phil Issue

I've sat and watched this Duck Dynasty episode unfold over the last ten days.  Mostly, I'm amazed that forty words of opinion by one guy.....could stir up such a big mess.  I must admit....I just never have been much of a fan of Duck Dynasty....having watched a total of two shows in my life, and mostly consider the show to be a cross-between Hee Haw, the Andy Griffith Show, and the Beverly Hillbillies....with what I consider as marginal humor.  It's like Honey Boo Boo....where there's some kinda unscripted scene, and nothing much of a immoral nature ever seen or spoken.  Rare these days....if you ask me.

All of this brings me to make some observations.

First, most southern guys have never heard or seen GQ (Gentleman's Quarterly) magazine.  I could probably stop at a local barbershop in Pulaski, TN.....ask the dozen guys sitting around there, and there might be one guy who admits he reads his brother-in-law's copy.  Otherwise, none of the guys ever read it.  Phil might have read it a couple of times.  Maybe he even had a subscription.  It's just odd that they'd call up and do an interview with Phil.  It's not the GQ-kinda guy that you'd imagine on the cover.

Second, what Phil hinted Phil's own way.....a guy will have to get good with God after you've passed on.  If you've lived a sinful life.....God might ask questions.  Naturally, this disturbed most Gays because they assumed after they'd convinced the media, various political figures, and half the nation of their "status".....that God also had been convinced on the status change.  So far, and this is just my line of thought.....I haven't heard God comment on the status change or deliver any updates to the Bible.  If I were a religious guy.....I'd probably point out this slight problem.

Third, A&E's suspension?  It's an odd thing.  They are making a ton of money off Duck Dynasty.  I'd take a guess that twenty percent of 2013's profits.....are from this one show and the trademark materials (t-shirts, posters, hats, etc).  They can't edit Phil off the old Phil gets seen and the company profits.....while Phil is on suspension.  Kinda hypocritical if you ask me....but I'm just a regular guy with such an opinion.

Fourth, the other folks?  Well....Phil didn't limit his heaven-entry comments to just gays.  Yeah, Phil mentioned adulterers, swindlers, and drunks.  Did the gay folks stand up and complain about those three life-style and status groups being "judged" as well?  No.  It's kinda odd.....there are more adulterers in America....than gays.  There are also more swindlers in America....than gays.  And there are certainly more drunks in America than gays.  It'd seem logical if all four groups could unit, they'd tear the walls standing against them.  Funny though....I just don't see any gay effort to unit the four groups and take stands across the nation.

Fifth, Cracker Barrel?  I've been once in my life to Cracker Barrel.  It's a nice franchise operation....with awful salty and greasy food.  If you wanted a simple full-plate of ham, eggs and hash browns cooked right....for less than $10, then that's the place to go.  I thought it was odd with all the commercial junk they had as you enter the store....fake old stuff, fake antique stuff, and amusing country t-shirt items for sale.  I'd take a guess that they have three hundred items to sell a guy.  Do folks get hostile about out-house humor? No.  Do folks get nasty about redneck accusations?  No.  The Duck stuff or Phil's picture on some t-shirt?  Well.....I guess some gay trucker from Tulsa might get upset.  But the odds million gay southerners watch Duck Dynasty, and are fairly happy with the entertainment provided.  If you don't want to buy their crap at Cracker least as far as I one forces you into buying a t-shirt.

Sixth, all this talk on national news media?  Man, you'd think that some idiot had passed a new version of the Affordable Healthcare Act, and stomped on a hundred million Americans.  If you run a liberal news media tend to invite folks to slam Phil and the Duck folks.  If you run Fox, you tend to invite folks to talk the right to free speech.  So far, I haven't noted anyone who brought up a King James Bible, and read the actual passage.....noting that Phil just quoted the Bible, period.  Phil believes in the word via the do a hundred million other Americans, and so far.....we haven't been able to rewrite the Bible or get Congress to hand out free Bibles.

Seventh, the source of the Bible?'s an odd thing.  The Bible as a put together in the years after Christ, by a bunch of Christian enthusiasts.  They met, looked over the various short books in existence, and chose sixty-six books.  Countless other books from the era....were left out.  God didn't exactly hand down the Bible.....some Christians simply acted as editors and approved what went in or was dropped by the side.  The part about adulterers, gays, drunks and swindlers?  Well....they read through the piece and felt that it went with the lifestyle....some two thousand years ago.  A man's company in those days was keenly observed.  Wrongly added?  You weren't you can't say what the deal was.  A revision?  Well....just write up a King Jimmy version and edit out the slam against adulterers, gays, drunks and swindlers.  It's just that simple.

Eighth?  All of this brings me to this remarkable change in American life.  Fifty years ago....guys had opinions.

They hated the Yankees, or they loved the Yankees.

They loved Marilyn Monroe or felt that she was an absolute slut.

They hated the Ford car company, or they hated the Ford car company.

They absolute passionate about the Green Bay Packers, or they despised the Green Bay Packers.

A guy could speak his mind and note that he couldn't stand Italians....although he ate ravioli and pasta dishes.  A guy could speak up and note his dislike of rednecks, blacks, or Mexicans....then watch southern NCAA football, a great NBA team winning, or thank Jose for fixing the septic tank issue in the back yard.

Opinions were acceptable and part of the American society.  You didn't think carefully about the company you were around, and if you'd insult any special group (drunks, swindlers, gays, and adulterers).  We seem to now be in a society where once you get into a status or lifestyle.....that's the end of opinion.  Where exactly does this lead onto?  You might want to spend a minute or two thinking about implications here.  No opinion?  No acceptance.  No true beliefs?  You'd end up drifting off into territory where nothing much mattered, or was supported.

At the end of this mess....there's Phil.  Phil is happy.  The Duck family is happy.  And life goes on.  None of them are far as they are concerned....when life ceases....they feel secure in where they are going.

The drunks, the swindlers, the gays, and the adulterers?  Well.....they might have accidentally bumped back into the religious nature of life, and wondering if lifestyles can outweigh the Bible.  Maybe.  Maybe not.