Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The New Seat

(thanks to Seemartin.com for the photo)

I've traveled an awful lot in my life on planes.  I can list the marginal airlines, the worst possible scenarios, the 'bad' airports, and describe in length the food offered on planes.  The more I travel....the more negative commentary I have....sadly.

This past week, it's come out that the airline industry as a whole is looking over Spirit Airlines, and this bold idea of theirs....the pre-inclined seat.

You can sit around 150 passengers on a normal Airbus A320.  With Spirit's version of the plane, and this particular seat.....you can put 178 seats on the plane. That means you squeeze another 28 folks onto it, and make another ten to fifteen percent profit off each plane.

The comfort level?  Well....folks noticed that you can't push the seat back like the previous seats or tilt it....because it's already tilted.  Yeah, they kinda noticed that they are scrunched up and it's awful crowded.  But it's being viewed now....as the new possible standard for the industry.

When I was in my youth.....I considered airline travel exciting and "fun".  It was a wonderful experience to travel via Dallas's airport, or to eat some fancy aluminum plate of dried-up chicken.  I think somewhere along age forty....I changed.  I hate all air travel today.

There are some airlines that I won't even discuss as a possible ticket (US Air for example).  I have a tremendous negative view of several major airports (JFK, Chicago, and Philly for example). I consider Raleigh-Durham to be a terrible connecting airport....having to walk almost a mile to get from one end to another in the airport.  I'd rather eat a home-made baloney sandwich than most of the stuff you can pick up at a airport. Travel via air is a miserable experience overall.....with only increased movie selection and terminal offerings having improved over the past decade.

This new seat?  Well....I'm open to anything that improves air travel....but I'm just sure about this episode.