Thursday, 26 December 2013

Simply Observations

I came to note that it got out this week....that from 1946 to 1956....the FBI had Jimmy Stewart's It's a Wonderful Life listed as a communist-associated movie production.  Apparently, they decided that they didn't have enough stuff to they got into looking at the values of movies.  This remarkable slant of a bad bank President was viewed as anti-American at the time.  Today?  It's pretty much assumed that ninety percent of all banking executives are corrupt and incompetent.  Getting the FBI today to investigate them?  Zero chance.  A chance of 180 degrees.

It won't be mentioned much in US news....but three major players of the Turkish government cabinet caught taking bribes.  Into the millions apparently.  The three got dragged off to court, and new faces suddenly popped up to say they were placed in charge of various departments.  The Prime Minister?  Simply grinning and not saying much.

In the last couple of days, Jesse Jackson got all peppy over the Duck business and Phil.  The reverend says that he wants a face-to-face meeting with A & E executives, and hammer out real punishment.  What Jesse might quietly an offer for his own reality series.  The negative?  There's a camera continually in the room, and he'd have to think twice over every deal or swindle that he might envision.  Sadly, Jesse fits two of the four folks in bad trouble with Phil's reading of the Bible: Adultery and Swindling.  That might be part of the issue with Jesse getting peppy at this point.

Finally, every year around this Christmas time....the Queen of England comes on a five-minute speech over the better times ahead, the hope and prayers from the royals, and thank God for what we have.  Generally, no one much in England cares for the message.....with maybe half of them accidentally watching it.  Channel Four in England....the alternate to the BBC.....started a practice years ago to run the alternate speech to the Queen.  They'd pick some random character, who'd spend five minutes giving the counter-speech.  This time?  The Snowden guy from the NSA.  He was thankful in some fashion that privacy was being return to the public.  It's hard to say if anyone took him serious.  The truth?  The Channel Four crowd could have hired up some retired wrestler from the US and probably had the same enthusiasm from the public.