Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Little Italian Story

Down in north Italy....just ten miles or so west of Venice....there's this place called Padua.  There's a Catholic Church in town, and it's one of the key features of the town.

A day or so after Christmas....cops got called over to the church.  Important they were told.

The old Catholic Priest in charge....some guy in his seventies.....had been robbed while on church grounds.

So the cops stood there and asked how much, and it was just under three thousand dollars of Euro....donated during the Christmas season for helping the poor and church activities.  The cops start writing down this report.  A true robbery, or so they think.

They get asking about who took the money, and the priest lays out this story.  This gypsy gal had appeared on the backside of the church.....where only the church folks are supposed to meet, greet, and live.  There's a fair description of the her thirties.   There's no mention of beauty, so you kinda assume she was a plain gal, or the old guy just didn't notice such things.  

The cops then get to how she accomplished this.  The priest then tells of himself coming out of a hypnotic-like state, and realizing that she had hypnotized him.

Now, you can imagine the cops at this point.  They'd like to believe the whole story.  But some gypsy gal....some money missing....and all this goes to a hypnotic-like state?  She had to ask him where the money was, and he gave a trance-like answer, and she just robbed him that way?

You can imagine the locals now.  If they believe the story....they have to be worried because the gypsy folks have a new way to rob putting them into a trance and getting them to divulge their secret cash assets, pin numbers, or hidden gold coins in the basement locker.

Did things happen like the priest says? don't know.  Paul Harvey would have picked up this story and gone up one side, and then back the other way.  You would have been entertained, and put into a trance-like moment listening to the whole story.  You would have wondered about the priest, his ethics, the likelihood of gypsies coming over, the possibility of great hypnotic talents, and the statistical average of all this stuff reported.

Maybe the Pope will hear about this, and put some smart guys into studying ways to avoid hypnotic-trance-capable folks.  Maybe the cops will accidentally bump into some gal who matches this gypsy description with lots of cash and coins on her.  And maybe.....some priest just grins as he pays off his drinking tab with cash and coin.