Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Our "Foreign" Journalists

Phil from Duck Dynasty fame has gotten himself into another epic battle with the news media.  This time?  He made a video interview a couple of years ago....advocating that guys ought to marry up with fifteen or sixteen year-old gals.

I read the interview piece.  It's hard to say if Phil was pulling the guy's leg or simply suggesting Louisiana logic in this matter of marrying gals at this age.

Naturally, the news media and liberal folks are in a tizzy about this stuff.  Shocking, absolutely shocking, that anyone would suggest marrying at fifteen or sixteen.

I'm kinda looking around at society, and wondering where exactly they've been for the past couple of decades....in some cave in Pakistan?

Most states have a legal process where a guy or gal can marry at age fifteen....with a judge somewhere in the process, and at least one of the parents signing up to approve this.  How often does it occur?  There's no real statistics out there to say one thing or another.

With the new gay marriage business....is it possible for a fifty year-old guy to marry a fifteen year-old teenage guy?  Yeah....with a judge and a parent's signature.  Shocking?  Oh, I'm guessing the news media will skip that topic.  By suggesting some forty-five year-old lesbian will team up with a fifteen year-old gal from Bakersfield and get married.....you'd start to upset some folks who were all pro-gay marriage before.

In the 1970s in Bama, I would make a humble guess that roughly ten percent of the local gals got married around age sixteen.  Success or failure?  Can't say.  I can remember one guy marrying (he was sixteen) a gal who was about the same age.  His dad throw up a trailer behind the house, and hooked up power to it.  This marriage lasted eight months, until the young gal figured out that 'junior' was only given seven hundred bucks a month for working on the farm, and there was no real cash.  She divorced junior and moved on.

From a history prospective, it was common in the mid-1800s in rural America for gals to marry at around age fourteen.  Lincoln's mother was introduced to her husband around age 13 (reportedly, she was already pregnant by another guy, but that's a long story).  In New England, it was more accepted to be eighteen to twenty-one before getting married.  Once you got past twenty-four, you were pretty much a problem, and considered old-maid status.

The news media?  I'm of the mind that they've fallen off some rock, screwed up their investigative analysis ability, and can't grasp what goes on in the other ninety-eight percent of America.  They look around at DC, NY City, Philly, Atlanta, and urban mega centers.....and consider them to be the norm.

The idea of some seventeen year-old guy and some sixteen year-old gal getting successfully married?  The journalists act like this can only happen in Mexico or Peru.  This is how far out of touch with America that they've become.  They can't even recognize what goes on in their own country.

As for Phil?  Well....if you ask Phil a question....he will respond with purely logical statements from a guy who lives in Louisiana.  I wouldn't expect anything other than that.  And I doubt if he's finished offering advice.