Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Poverty War and Peace

This past week....folks have picked up the topic of poverty....noting that the American government has been "at war" with poverty for fifty years now.  LBJ signed the paperwork, and this is the anniversary of the poverty war.

Results?'s a bit difficult to say.  A liberal would say that great success has been made and there's still more work to be made.  A conservative would say that there are some numbers to show a minor decrease, but's a failure.  The news media will say that there is just too much disparity between the haves and the have-nots. Historians will say that poverty was a lot worse in 1964 than today.  Economic experts will say that poverty is a ever-changing status...a guy spends $900 on a big-screen TV, and $1,600 on fancy rims and Goodyear tires for his car....yet he's still listed as poverty-stricken.

I'm a road-trip guy.  I enjoy road vacations because as you travel in a car....stopping for gas in small towns, and lunch in no-name tend to see real America.

Big name journalists for CNN, Fox News, and the letter networks....don't do road trips.  They don't interview real Americans.  They don't ask the right questions.  They don't seek to broaden their world of human understanding.  The last guy who did this?  Charles Kuralt of CBS News.  He's been dead for roughly seventeen years now.

Charles Kuralt could walk into some town....ask fifty questions....and generally come to a standard of living which equaled that one single town.  That standard didn't fit anywhere else, which I generally felt was more realistic than all the statistical stuff collected by the Census folks.

A guy can pretty much survive and enjoy a decent life with a thousand bucks a month of income in Alabama. it won't be a marvelous existence or provide steaks on the table....but you can make it.  The thousand a month in California?  No.  Or least in won't work.  In New York'd need at least two thousand to get to the basic level of life.

This poverty scale....I tend to mostly not something you can measure across the board.  A guy who spends $1,500 on new tires and pimped-up rims for his car....really isn't in a poverty class.  He may live in a shack, and earn less than $1500 before taxes each month....but he's spending on luxury-class items.  Once you realize that....the whole gimmick of a war on poverty becomes bogus.

I worked with a married guy in the Air Force years ago....wife and one kid....who got $1,200 back on federal and state tax refunds.  He took the cash and the family on a five-day trip to some upscale ski resort in Colorado.  Here he was.....a senior airman....drawing less than $20,000 a year, and the money was flushed out into a luxury trip in a matter of a couple of days.  To me, it didn't make much sense.

My general advice to someone on poverty, or who thinks they are poverty-stricken?  Move.  Get out and find yourself a town with jobs.  Get in, impress the boss and customers, take any classes that you can afford, and move up.  Accept nothing as handcuffing you to a status in life.  If you live in Detroit....find some relative in Ohio, Tennessee, or Texas....and get the heck out of Detroit.  If your closest friends are all losers and all in a poverty class....dump them.  Join up with some church, or find new friends who have jobs and working their way up.

This gimmick war on poverty?  It sounds good.  News journalists can spin this forty-four different ways and always make you shed a tear for Jimmy who lives in East Saint Louis, and just won't leave or move.  Some political dimwit will shovel a sixteen minute speech out to you....over the poor folks in West Virginia....hyping over federal program X, Y or Z.....which is saving those poor folks.  Ten years later?  They are still in poverty.  The programs?  Just tossing money into a black hole, with no hope of payback. No company would do something that stupid....but democracy at work would.

War and Peace....the book....depending on the version....generally has 1,400 pages or more.  There's various upswings, sorrows, woes, tragic moments, great spirals upward, with doom and success generally written into each single character.

This war on poverty?  It's kinda like War and Peace....kinda thick....lotta doom and success, tragic moments, woes, sorrows....and the great just keeps adding another chapter each year.

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