Friday, 31 January 2014

The Two Political Candidates

I sit, ponder and am often amazed at American politics.

This week....there's another Democrat who will run up in Maryland for a state-senator position.  The old guy still in the running?  Richard Madeleno.  The key thing about this guy?  He's openly gay and around twenty-percent of his platform relates to speeches on the gay issue.

The person running against Madeleno in the Democratic primary?  A transgender guy.  Yeah, it's a bit complex.

So you can imagine the debate topics and the interest around this local district.  Can one guy out-gay another gay or transgender?  Well....I would have said no way, but this invites some creative responses.

Will folks get charged up on this in Maryland?  It's hard to say.  Normally, you'd be talking about the shape of local roads, bad teachers, poor salt situations during snowstorms, and bridge replacement.  Gay stuff....would typically be topic number 494....way down on the list.

Yeah, I guess we need events like keep us entertained.  That's the value of politics in America today.

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