Friday, 10 January 2014

The You-Ought-to-Migrate Strategy

Imagine a state, where some folks introduce a simple legislative bill....that says on election day....even if you are registered in county X, that you appear in county Y and note that you've moved, and you intend to vote in county Y's election.  Imagine the voting clerk noting everything perfectly legal, then allowing you to vote with ease in county Y.

Well, in Colorado....the state legislature created such a law (House Bill 1303).

The original premise was that it'd make it real easy for new folks (hint: minorities) to just appear, register, and vote on election day.  Setting up a 30 or 60 day limit?  Well, they just didn't think that'd be necessary.  Setting up a mandatory requirement of property taxes in the new county?  Well, no....that would simply impede the minority folks and their vote.  Item after item.....which might have brought logic or ethics into the discussion....tossed out.

So, it's an odd thing.  Some guy appeared in county where a recall election was called, noting he just today....moved from county X to county Y.  The clerk had to accept the guy and allowed him to register to vote.

The guy in this episode?  From Colorado.  His intent?  He noting the most interesting tactic of voting procedure in Colorado history.  A number of counties in Colorado (voting districts).....are overwhelmingly Republican.  Folks in Colorado know the counties, and know that it's typically a seventy-thirty mix.  Ranching districts....rural areas.

So what this guy is suggesting is that a couple thousand folks migrate, just for one day, to another county where it's typically a 53-to-47 percent Democratic majority.  With two or three thousand folks suddenly migrating in and getting voting status in just ten suddenly turn a easy win county for Democrats into a marginal win....and likely a Republican win (just a one-vote margin is enough in real life).

The mere suggestion of this new migration strategy is scaring the crap out of some Colorado Democrats.  They never envisioned that someone would figure out a one-day migration angle to the whole thing.   Fixing this by November of 2014?  It's likely number one on the list of things that must be done....but then you'd have to undo the marvelous device that you designed to help you with the minority vote or sudden-appearance votes.  You'd crack up a fancy strategy with "win-win-win" all over it.

Add in a thirty-day migration requirement, where you have to show evidence you moved?  I'm guessing guys are already dreaming up a simple RV address in a Democratic county, where seven guys will indicate they sleep out of the same RV trailer.  More evidence to anchor your registration?  It'd just slam the folks that you wanted to help vote in this year's election.

I'm guessing that around four thousand folks as a minimum....are going to move in this migration-vote mess for November of 2014.  Maybe even ten thousand folks.  And it's going to make a fair mess for strategy guys to figure the 2016 election in the state.

And here's the odd thing. If it works in Colorado.....there's bound to be other states and open doors to do the same thing.

So, as you sit in the barber's chair there in Walsenburg, and Joe starts talking about migrating up north....into Colorado Springs, and you start thinking he's got a screw loose or something.  Well, no.....Joe got migration on his mind for other reasons, and it's a bit devious.

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