Saturday, 11 January 2014

When Plain Old Prison Isn't Enough

In 2011, when Anders Behring Breivik finished his killing spree in Norway....he'd ended the lives of seventy-seven folks.  The vast majority under the age of seventeen.  Most folks in Norway felt that the court episode was a formal thing, and he'd just quietly rot away in prison for the rest of his life.

Well....he's been in a prison a while now, and he's become more of a problem.

He now complains in a significant way of jail-room and strip searches.  He believes it's a bit unfair.  He's sent letters off to various news media folks....including the Wall Street note this unfairness.

His book?  Oh, that's an interesting piece.  He now says that he's just finished a one-thousand page book, and working on getting a publisher to review and publish it.  The odds of any Norwegian publisher touching it?  Zero chance.  Any publisher in Europe or the US?  There might be one or two who will examine this....but at one thousand'll be a question if it's untouchable.

I kinda think that it might go self-publish....but even the folks at Amazon will be hesitant to include it on their possible books.

His latest comments?  Well....he says that he's devised a way to turn his Playstation 2, some long screws, and several pieces of paper....into a weapon.  I would imagine the prison guards are reviewing the book on allowances, and if they can retain the Playstation 2.  He probably wasn't bright in suggesting this, and losing the Playstation might be a pretty big drag on a long prison term.

There are these guys who go off to prison, and bluntly need to be given a shovel, some sand, and two hundred sand-bags a day to fill.  They've got excess energy and think they got into prison for no real reason, and it's just unfair.

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