Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Hobby

Years ago....reading Stars and Stripes daily....I got into Ann Landers and Dear Abby.  To be honest, I thought most of the letters were bogus, but that was my own personal estimation with people and one-star problems made into four-star problems.

So the years went by.  At some point, I finally commented to myself....I could write as good or better a response....than Landers or Abby.  Yeah, maybe that was overreaching a bit, and just a creative thought.

Here in this period of "retirement" (a period with nothing to do)....I've come to read over Yahoo Answers.  Basically, it's a national-forest situation of people with perceived four-star problems and asking for advice.  You pick out one of twenty odd areas (cars, history, medical issues, personal issues, family fights, perceived disagreements, etc).

You read the person's description, and then offer advice.  After five's closed off, and votes are cast for best answers.  Then a winner from the answers is 'crowned'.  You get points off this crown, and get points for any response....even stupid responses.

After two months of this....I've made a fair number of points, and usually fifty percent of the time.....I am crowned best answer.  It's a fair trend, I admit.

The thing is.....almost all of these....I perceive as one-star problems that folks got all wrapped around the axle with.  Some folks have zero perception, no common sense, lack of vision, or false beliefs in their issue.  Since that start of reading Dear Abby in 1978.....I'm mostly back at the same point.....a bunch of folks with pretty lame problems but they just can't find solutions.

The sad thing?  It's become a hobby now to survey these for thirty minutes out of the day.  Yeah, I probably need a job, or a mail route, or some cattle operation.

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