Friday, 28 February 2014

De-Growth Strategy?

The Daily Caller put up some article.....over environmentalists pushing some new dealing with global warming and overpopulation.....this group of environmentalists at the New Economics Foundation (London) and Worldwatch Institute (DC)....are pushing this nifty idea.  Cut the forty-hour work week....consume less.....burn less life less (my term, not theirs).

The guy writing the article.....says...."Think of it like camping, but for the rest of your life".

Naturally, all of this would require regulations....because people just won't listen to we are told.  Changing the tax code?  Well....yeah....because folks won't sign up, unless it's too painful to do otherwise.

So, I sat and pondered over this.

These are university certified people.....given some wit and wisdom by some professor.  They hired themselves onto a focus organization....that pays them to think like this.  If you hang around the right after get to some point of believing in things.

If you were with the Lucky Charms crowd.....working at the factory.....maybe after a while, you'd believe in Lucky Charms, Irish mythical characters, leprechauns, rainbow magic, and curses.

If you were with the Loch Ness tourism'd be thinking sea monsters twenty-four hours a day, looking at a big poster over your bed of Nessie as the sun rose each morning, and dreaming of a thousand ways to tell a good story over a dragon myth that came up a thousand years ago and got sent off by some Catholic priest.

So I turn back to this group who wrote this de-size or de-growth concept.

These are people who tend to sit in focus groups and chat on sustainable growth versus unsustainable growth.  They probably have never worked a day in their lives, and get some kind of paycheck from a foundation.  The foundation? usually has some kind of agenda that is best not discussed in public unless it’s by their agents of public statement.

To make this all simple. Anyone who thinks they’ve got the magic wand, the Holy Grail of control over business, the alchemy of economics, the enchantment of society hope and change, the sorcery of Fed manipulation to save America, and the voodoo of environmentalism to stop that terrible carbon stuff (pretend it’s pollution and it’ll freak out the savages in the village)....then they’d best start looking for a new line of work.

De-growth doesn’t work at the muffler shop. De-growth doesn’t work at Pizza Hut. De-growth has no application to beer distribution efforts or Montana ranch operations. De-growth isn’t an element of NCAA bowl choices or gimmicks. De-growth isn’t something that the NFL would use, or Delta Airlines, or Apple. I frankly can’t see de-growth being applied to Disney World, the Vikings of Minnesota, or Texas State Fairs.

Maybe CNN could use this de-growth gimmick....just grow small enough....that they disappear. Maybe in that sense....we need it.

Camping?  For the rest of my life?  I'd like to invite these guys....come on....let's do a one-year deployment to some hillside of the Appalachian Mountains.  Let's set up one or two TVs in our camp of twenty tents.  You get three over-the-air cable.  Internet?  We can allow five connections in the camp.....but now will be more than 56k, and forget about streaming video, watching Breaking Badly, or downloading a new zombie game.

Food in the camp?  No burgers, pizza or Mexican.  You grow what you need.....sip pure mountain water, with a spoon of sugar or lemon added for extra taste.

Toilet paper?  We'll help find the right size of leaves, and just rub till there's nothing back there.

Pens?  Forget about it....just number two lead pencils.

Entertainment?  As sun goes down....we will embrace, sing some James Taylor tunes, a hit or two from Steely Dan, and run through the Lady GaGa stuff.

Electricity?  Whatever our solar generator pulls down....that's it.  Need more?  Well...suck it up and just live like happy campers.

University knowledge?  Well....this is the best thing about camping...all that vast knowledge that professor So-V-So gave you on environmental stuff....isn't necessary when camping in life.  You need raw basic skills.  Forget statistics, data management, micro whatever, and French literature from 1888.  If you know something about septic tanks, skinning critters, and handling'd be a good skill to have.

I gave thanks to the almighty....for helping these poor folks find some foundation....that pays them something for nothing.  At least they aren't on a governmental payroll, or managing things down at my Piggly Wiggly, or running the local pub.

My humble view.

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