Friday, 14 February 2014

Facebook and Your "Lifestyle"

Facebook came up this week....with an interesting change.  You you registered and got an account with "FB" filled in this field of sex with 'male' or 'female'.  Well....up until yesterday.

The FB folks finally decided that it wasn't right, and they needed to be they gave a custom area to the decision of sex, and now allow up around roughly forty-five choices of identification.

Naturally, a guy from Bama starts to ask questions.

You could be a person transitioning from male-to-female....female-to-male....transgender....and another thirty odd descriptions which lead you to ask what-the-hell, and then just nod your head and grasp that the world has moved on into some twilight zone-like situation.

The value of this one simple column?'s a gimmick which FB will sell that little bit of data to some political group, or candy store, or Chinese fashion company.  If you had seventeen thousand folks suddenly announce they were labeled "half-man-half-woman"....well, there's some fashion trend there waiting to be exploited.

I went into my FB account and tried to write my own custom sex identification label...."Bama- male", but it wouldn't allow me that privilege.  You have to have FB approve your sex label, and just inventing something out of thin air....isn't acceptable, unless you already fit into the forty-five other labels that they invented out of thin air.  Being "Bama-male" not possible.  Being not possible.  Being Romulan-male-warrior is not possible.  Being Amish-male-stoic is not possible.  Even trying to be not possible.

Eventually, I think FB will get around to identifying you to cartoon characters, car models, actors or actresses, NFL players, and perhaps even Hindu Gods (there's at least three hundred of them).  It all means cash in some profit way to FB.

My advice?  If you get all serious about this kind of might not have much in life to do.  I'd suggest a hobby or two....maybe taking up landscape work....hauling hay....or just enjoying what few good and healthy years of life that the almighty hands down to you.

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