Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Boris and Natasha Problem with the National Healthcare Act

This week, it's come out that some Belarus computer programmers....were hired up as part of the Affordable Healthcare Act, and there's this remote possibility that personal data might be derived from what effort they put into their part of the package.

All of this is kinda fuzzy.  It basically out of the intelligence apparatus that the US operates....maybe even NSA's little phone hacking stuff....although no one is saying for sure.  What they do say...is that they kinda figured out that odd connection, and think that the healthcare agency ought to audit the entire program.

The odds of a real audit?  Well....since I've worked in the government....I would make this analysis.  It's likely that they'd have to hire some other company...maybe some company that is based out of Canada but entirely owned by some Bolivian potato chip company, or some Swiss banker, or some German fake-count who owns real estate in Poland.  The audit company would produce some report....which might be true....or fake....but you just don't know.  Part of the problem here....is that the government just doesn't have real expertise anymore.  They have to hire out.

Where does this lead folks?  Well...if you used the healthcare site and start to notice odd things of some Belarus guy using your ID and finance info.....you might want to alert someone.  Course, if you report it to the FBI or NSA....there's odds that they have to type the info into a database....delivered by some Belarus company working for some Mississippi contractor.  So, don't expect much.

As for Republican attitude and slam's on this?  I can see the ad already.

Scene opens with Boris and Natasha (from Bullwinkle
fame).  Boris is dressed in a black leather jacket, and Natasha is in a slightly silky garment with sixteen different curves to be noticed, and would bring a chill to most women from the heartland.  They sit at a cafe waiting on someone.

Boris:  Now, when he gets here....let me do the talking.

Natasha: You know DARLING....I always let you do that.  But isn't he going to ask questions.

Boris: Maybe, but you just work your magic.

Then, Senator Tubby....long-term Democrat Senator walks in sits down.

Boris: Senator....my goodness....it's such a pleasure to see you again.

Senator Tubby:  Well, I've heard that you need my support.

Boris:  WELL, Senator.....we need you to just vote "yes" straight up and down for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Senator Tubby: Oh my.  It's over 2,000 pages, and I've just begun to review this.  I think it's got problems.

Boris looks at Natasaha, and winks.

Natasha now puts her hand over the Senator's hand, and comforts him....saying: Senator, we know you will work with us and THE PARTY.  After all is done, you will vote for this.  And you will pleasure yourself later with the thought that if you like your democracy....you can keep it.

Senator Tubby gets all peppy and happy.  Boris slips him an envelope.  Scene closes.

Why Belarus?  With all the programmers sitting around unemployed in Tennessee, Alabama, Mexico, Poland or South Korea?  We had to go over and do this with Belarus programmers?  Yeah....something about this whole deal leads to a planned second problem down the road.  No idiot would do this....unless it was intentional and for a certain purpose....sadly.

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