Monday, 24 March 2014

My Malaysia Flight 370 Scenario

On most big event situations.....I always tend to wait a few days to a week....before I began to see the "real" story.  It's been a while for Malaysian flight 370 being lost, and two events occurred over the weekend....which get me to my scenario.

First, they kinda admitted that one phone call to the pilot (55-year old guy) a couple of hours prior to take-off.  They had gone through his calls and apparently.....this one brief two-minute call lingered.

Strange episode.  They know the phone chip for this cellphone was sold recently.  But the lady listed down on the number doesn't answer.  The address?  Bogus.

So they visit the phone sales point.  The guy has the paperwork, but it was all given with a bogus ID.  After was generally policy in the more sales of cellphones without a valid ID.  Well....this gal presented one....but it was bogus.

The authorities don't say anything, but I get the impression that the chip was bought....never put into the phone....then suddenly gets put call made to the pilot for two minutes....and then the phone is dead.  Bought for roughly $30....used one time only and tossed? They will search the records and figure the nearest tower from where this call came guess is a hotel or public area.

What this a conspiracy.  More than one person.  It's not a suicide.  But it is a plan to hijack and take the plane.

The second thing of the weekend?  There's some debris and imagery indicating it ditched way southwest of the middle of nowhere.  For a search plane to even get's a three hour flight.  No ship has arrived yet, and I suspect that more will be found this week.

So, my scenario.

The pilot was recruited over the past year or two.  The original plan was to take the plane...pretend to have the passengers as hostages perhaps (even if they are dead)....and refix the plane as a weapon.  It has big positives because of cargo size and the flight capability.  The deal was simple.....move to the plane to some airport in Pakistan or the "Stan" republics, wait a few weeks to months, and then launch the weapon against some massive target.

The pilot got the go-ahead via the cellphone call.  Somewhere in the first twenty minutes of the flight.....he's starting his game.  He will turn off the CAIRs reporting device.  Now he confronts the co-pilot.  He is holding a weapon against the guy, and ordering him to type in some coordinates for the auto-pilot system (the way-points).

I'm guessing that he's grinning and really peppy about this whole thing....not paying attention.  The co-pilot?  Young and cocky.....maybe smart.  He's typing in the way-points and direction.....but on the last one....he types south, instead of north.  The idiot pilot doesn't catch that.

At some point, the control system in Malaysia is handing the plane off.  There's been chatter back and forth.  The expected chat is "Tower, flight such-and-such, what is your altitude?"  Then the plane should respond: "Flight such-and-such, we are at 30,000 feet".

One notes themselves and asks a question....the other notes themselves and answers the question.  That is pilot rules 101.  Throughout the's the way that pilots communicate and chat.

For some reason, on this last chat between the two.....the co-pilot is the one answering, and he simply says: "All right, good night".  No note of who he is or the comeback to the control statement.  It means.....he had problems going on.

Shortly after this chat.....I think the pilot and co-pilot got into a fight....a knife or gun was used.  The co-pilot is likely dead or dying.  The pilot is laying bad shape....and probably can't stand or get into his seat.

The plane?  On auto-pilot.  It will turn....climb to 45,000 feet....and everyone will die....including the pilot.  The plane will make its turn and twists.....based on the route by the co-pilot.

The jihad team waiting at the runway for the plane to land a couple hours later?  Once the plane is an hour late....they are worried.  By the second hour of waiting....they are asking themselves what could have gone wrong.  By the end of three hours....they pile into their cars and leave.....mostly out of fear that the pilot was caught alive and will give away the plan.

The plane heads south instead of north.  If you find the plane and figure the exact point where it landed/ can plot the route north instead and likely come within ten miles of the intended airport.

Why no one says anything or brags?  I think the jihad guys have a four-star plan and will attempt it again.  Since no one has found out the whole game.....wait a year or two and recruit again.  This whole 'take-a-plane' gimmick will occur again.

Defeating this?  Well....a secret transponder on each plane might be an answer.....until the pilots figure this out.  Arming some guy to sit on the plane? the time he figures out what's likely too late.  So, there is no solution to this type of plan.  Sadly.

Note: I should add....the target of the aircraft after they pulled out the bodies and loaded it with their 'weapon'?  Strangely enough, this week....the President goes to Europe and Russia.  He has to stay at hotels....and radar might...or might not pick up this aircraft at 5,000 feet....until it's within ten minutes of the target.  I'm only taking a guess....but by landing in the 'Stan' would have the range and ability to reach all of Russia, and into Europe.  Just my humble guess.

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