Monday, 31 March 2014

Redistrict Talk

Once every ten years, there's a Census....and the eventual result is this big listing of who lives where.  Some places are stagnant.  Some grow.  Some shrink.

What typically arises about three years after the wrap-up of the the redrawing of lines in the state for district purposes.  Most folks don't realize it....but the state election prior to the Census awful important because it lays out the bosses of the redistrict map effort.  More Democrats on the win?  They lead the drawing effort.  More know the story.

Typically, newspapers suddenly rise up in this third and fourth year.....and absolutely shocked that the map has been redrawn....especially if it's the Republicans doing the drawing.  Course, they rarely ever go back and tell the story of 1980, 1990, or 2000.

In recent years, in major urban areas....there's been this fear of urban flight.  This kinda means that folks used to live in some region, and because of infrastructure, job relocation, or crime....they've moved.  The big-plus that some analyst wrote up ten years ago....that helped one party solidify a district for their vote?

Well....ten years later, it could be a dismal story as an entire new neighborhood of two hundred houses were to be built at the end of some district....all wealthy white high-pay folks.....who typically are Republicans.  Then you discover that the whole upscale building agenda for nine different developments got it all wrong, and half the houses are empty.  Suddenly, the Republican plus-up that folks had expected.....just isn't there.

Some guys wake up and are kinda shocked.....their neighborhood of one hundred houses got pushed over to district seven (from district six), and they have a new place to vote from, and an entirely new representative who cover their area.

Democracy is a silly game.  Some folks win.  Some lose.  Some get pushed around.  Some sit and ask stupid questions.  Some folks are shocked that the Census counted sixty people in their apartment building but they've never known more than forty actually residing there.  Stuff happens.

Will the evil Democrats retaliate by 2023?  Yes. Or the evil Republicans.  Does the voter ID thing figure into this?  Yes.  If you needed a bunch of folks to show up in doesn't matter if they are real Americans or fake Americans....they just need to register and vote.  Or you need to use the voter ID thing to limit this fake stuff.  Kinda sad in a way....this much in terms of make democracy work or fail.

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