Friday, 21 March 2014

The Problem with Scandals

At some point, the list become bigger than reality:

The ATF gunwalking scandal.  AG Holder held in Contempt of Congress.  Appointee Terence Flynn accused of serious ethical violations by leaking information. Martha Johnson, chief of the GSA who ended up firing two top GSA officials and then resigned when word got out about $822k spent in Vegas on a training conference.  IRS and its comical investigation of Tea Party conservative political groups.  Lois Lerner and her management of the IRS Office of Exempt Organizations.  Congressman Ricky Renzi (Rep-AZ) with wire fraud, conspiracy, extortion, racketeering, money laundering and making false statements to insurance regulators. Senator Mike Crapo (Rep-Id) with a DWI but never spends a day in jail.  Congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (Dem-IL) pleads guilty to a felony of fraud for taking a quarter of a million for campaign funds and bought personal items like fur capes, elk heads, and then blames the whole thing on his mental issues which the public is shocked to learn that he just isn't that stable to even be a Representative. Congressman Laura Richardson (Dem-CA) is shockingly found to be guilty on seven violations of House rules by improperly assigning her staff to run elements of her campaign.  The domestic surveillance program PRISM.  NSA's running game of abuse.  'Scooter' Libby, VP Cheney's Chief of Staff, found in violation of perjury and obstruction, and spends over two years in prison. Cronyism and favoritism labeled upon Karl Rove who served the President.  The Plame affair. Blackwater.  Jack Abramoff.

The list goes on and on.

After a while, reviewing dozens of inept investigations over the past decade, revolving around both parties...I’d say this is just opera acts, committed to some political theme music, and mostly result in confused products with no justice and no end. A drama of sorts, with audience expecting a conclusion, but there just isn't ever such device.

No one really fears Congress. No one fears the court system.  No one fears the law.  No one really fears a special prosecutor. No one fears the Presidents that come and go. No one fears public humiliation. No one fears journalists digging into a mess. And no one fears tarnished reputations. 

Sadly, we are at the same point that Rome reached...when the empire simply could not shed enough light over the darkness, and shadows simply consumed reality.

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