Friday, 18 April 2014

Observations Over the Bundy Ranch Episode

Over the entire week, I've sat and watched the Nevada episode unfold, with the Bundy ranch.  My observations?

By Senator Harry Reid using the word 'terrorist' to describe the rancher's actions.....he's provoked a bunch of negative actions to come in the future.  Whoever is advising Harry....really screwed up.  Folks get fired up when you make public comments like that.

The idiots hired to round up the cattle?  I don't think they had any experience at cattle herding at all.  When you walk up and decide that the two bulls were too violent to be herded, and just make the decision to shoot them on the spot, and bury them with a backhoe on government aren't a cowboy or a herder, or even an animal enthusiast.  These are simply gas station pump-guys or wannabe-a-cop pretenders.

The warrant that was used for this whole thing?  It says only to remove cattle.  Nothing about damaging property or killing animals.  Legally, BLM screwed up and their lawyers are sitting now with frustrated feelings over the idiots who ran this whole episode.  Other than paying out money for damages.....they can only stall the episode for two or three years.  If this is done in county or state court....the stall likely is six months at best.

The BLM guys with attack dogs.....shown in the video?  Wannabe-cops.

It's an election year.....I'd take a guess that this pretty much dissolved democratic chances in several western states for various democratic candidates running for Representative or state offices.  There's probably fifty guys in Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, and Colorado who benefited from this BLM comedy.

Finally, all of this has gotten people to thinking over federally owned property west of the Mississippi River.  On average....most states east of the river have between three and four percent of their state which is federally owned.  West?  It's closer to fifty to sixty percent on average....Nevada is likely eighty-five percent.  Why?  It's a historical game that was put on the board around Theodore Roosevelt's era, and continued on through the last hundred years.  We don't need the federal property deal, and folks are now asking stupid questions over it.

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