Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Simply Observations

First, last week was the adios from Piers Morgan of CNN.  Replacing Larry King was supposed to be hard because Larry was so good at interviews.  Well....Piers was never really an interviewer....he was more of an agenda guy.  I probably watched six pieces of his shows over the time he was there....and came away just shaking my head.  His interview skills were marginal at best, and I sometimes wondered if CNN realized who they signed or his actual talents.  You came to feel he was selling you something....which is not the deal that you got from Larry King (strictly an interview and nothing else).

Second, some anti-gun agenda guy came up on a Sirius radio interview Saturday night....advocating that if threatened...the first thing you do is call 9-11.  This got folks hyped up because they don't have twenty to forty minutes to wait out for some cop to arrive.  They might have thirty seconds of life left in them when they make this call.  The folks who generally talk anti-gun.....don't live in neighborhoods where cop reaction times are a joke.  Nor do these people grasp the number of nutcases walking around with no respect for life.

Third, I sat yesterday watching some global warming individual doing a big interview, and the last question posed.....what one thing should be done right now....as soon as possible.  The off-the-cuff answer?  Decrease any possible thing creating our emissions or carbon footprint.  Naturally, a rational guy....like myself...would say fine....let's go nuclear energy and really take our emissions situation down by massive amounts.  Well....sadly, amongst the sad crowd of worriers over global warming and climate control.....are worriers over nuclear energy.  I'm guessing that if we were agreeable to this energy shift.....they would go bonkers and get all upset about the nuke energy situation.

Fourth, yesterday....I had some German stranger at the bus stop in the village strike up a conversation.  Normally, it's odd that such an event would occur.  Germans aren't conversationalists with strangers.  This guy chatted up a storm.....switching from German to English....and within three minutes....let me know that he's got an estranged wife, commonly meaning that she doesn't want to see him.  And there's a eight month old kid involved (the guy only gets to see the kid once a week apparently, court order limits).  By the fifth minute, I was really hoping for that damn bus to pull up....this guy desperately needed a bartender to tell his woeful story.   The term "unfair" got mentioned at least four times.  By the ninth minute....the bus finally arrived, and I quietly found a seat at the back of the bus....hoping I was finished.  Germans don't usually tell life stories to strangers on the street....which kinda freaked me out (yeah, I'll admit that).  But I'm used to that after three years in Arlington (if you go to the cemetery.....you tend to get an epic life story told by someone chatting over a son or relative from ten years ago....they don't know you but they'd like to tell the story one more time).

Fifth, yesterday....after the stranger episode....I found myself in front of the Wiesbaden train station....waiting on a light to cross the street.  Some young German gal (maybe 17).....had a baby buggy and a really young kid.  Suddenly this guy comes up....maybe 25 years old....starts chatting, and I can sense her aggravation and frustration with this guy.  She won't talk to him.  Seconds pass, and she whips around me and moves eight feet over....trying to get out of range of this guy.  He moves over....continually trying to chat.  My opinion was that she hadn't been around for a while.....he might be the father....and she really didn't want to deal with him.  She moves again....he moves too.  Finally the light turns green, and we thirty patient folks are crossing the street.  This young gal is pumped up and racing across....trying to avoid this guy.  My sense is....these German guys are pretty stupid about the situations they got themselves into, and pretty stupid on dealing with non-existent relationships.  My sense is that I really don't want to get involved in these episodes and would prefer a quiet tranquil afternoon with teenies racing scooters down the street.....old guys sipping beer and talking weather.....and watching buildings being torn down.

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