Saturday, 24 May 2014

A One-Star Speech

It was an odd speech. President a fundraiser episode in Chicago....Thursday night.

The President put a great deal of blame for lack of achievement in his agenda, toward the Senate, which has a certain rule formula put into it since 1787....two senators from each state.  Prior to the 1900-era, a state legislature choose the Senators....NOT the public.  The President kinda left that piece of the story out.

As the President creates this wave of disadvantage for him.  It's hard to imagine this, and how he'd rearrange the Senate to fix itself....other than all one hundred from one political party.

Then the President got into demographics being part of the blame for achievement limitations.  As he noted....Democrats are urban players, and show up from big cities (like New York and Chicago as he suggested).  For some reason, this gives Republicans some type of disproportionate control over Congress.

If you sat there and took the speech serious....then you had to think....well...the Democrats ought to be out there in the rural regions of America and small towns....selling the same message, and thus have ninety-percent of the control over the House as well.  Well....they are out there and selling their's just that the rural folks and lesser cities aren't buying it as much as the urban mega zones.

Then finally, the President suggested that the Democrats were suffering from some type of pest causing people not to vote for Democratic candidates....for any position.

Back in 2008....President Obama gave mostly all four and five-star speeches.  I can't think of anything for that whole year that was less than a three-star situation.  The past two or three years?  Spiraling downward on speeches and suggesting some fairly comical situations unrelated to reality.  I haven't heard a single three-star or better speech for 2014.

This political fundraiser speech?  Lousy.  What would you do to fix the Senate imbalance he suggests?  Maybe reduce the Senate to twelve guys and limit the Republicans to two positions?  Maybe get rid of the Senate entirely?  Maybe limit the Senate to just visiting foreign countries, approving treaties, and approving cabinet officers?

And this disproportionate number game for the House?  People elect them....the same people who vote in Presidential elections.  It's just that each state has rigged up practical and complex help certain voters and certain lobbyists.  How would you fix that?  We could sit around for an entire years discussing it and not come to any rational conclusion.

Sadly, this is what we get for political speeches these days.....lousy commentary, and nothing worth paying $1,000 for a plate of roast beef, mashed potatoes and ice tea.

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