Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Simply Observations

A couple of things that I've noticed.

Yesterday....another (the second) flight out of Venice, Italy to the US....was forced to land in Ireland because the steward/stewardesses were extremely sick.  Yep, half-way through the flight, and the crew in the back couldn't handle it.  Two times?  You can guess the deal....some kind of cheap hotel for a day of rest, with food poisoning as part of the deal.  You'd think the airline would have gotten smart and found another deal after the first episode (just last week), but no....they were pretty dependent on staying for more.

There's a science report out there over a guy who had OCD bad, and doctors felt they could change his behavior with some pulses sent to his brain (via a gadget similar to a pacemaker).  Things work out fine and he generally notices less and less OCD.  Then, there's this funny discovery....he's passionate about Johnny Cash music. the extreme.  He won't listen to anything else now....just Johnny Cash music.  You can sense.....there's some scientist sitting out there....who'd like to study this guy and see if you could center into this one part of the brain, and you could pulse it turn people in Bee Gee's fans, Lady GaGa fans, or maybe even Little River Band fans.

You won't see much mentioned in the press about it.....but the feds showed up in Oregon, with subpoenas and are looking at the way they burned through $500 million in three years for a failed Affordable Healthcare Act web site.  What will happen is a couple of fed agents will do the search warrant stuff.....glean over the bills and invoices....then some idiots will get dragged into a grand jury (fed jury) and talk over how fed and state money was squandered.  All this leads you, the accused, to hire up some $400-an-hour lawyers....who eventually soak you for $20,000, then recommend you try to make a deal to screw another member of the crew over, or accept some plea-deal for two years in a federal prison.  All in all....when you do something this lose $500 need to go somewhere for your screw-ups.

This VA thing....if you's not going away.  There's not only court stuff that will come out of it.....but some murder accusations will be tossed around in various states.  Some VA administrators and doctors....will get called into a grand jury room and have their $400-an-hour lawyers advising them to work plea deals.  It just seems....with roughly eighty billion a year spent on the VA, that we'd be better off to identify the GI's who are deserving of the service required, dish out the yearly cost of a GS-health insurance policy, and just let all these former GI's arrange a local private health deal on their own.  Yeah, cease the VA entirely, and we'd likely save everyone money and hassle.

Finally, I noticed over at Slate this morning....this really positive story out of Bama.  Take a few minutes and read it.  Basically, some guys have been working on construction projects for two decades.  The emphasis a house for $20,000.  What they found was....yes, it's entirely possible to build a regular house, with all the general features you'd desire, for $20,000.  Now, I admit.....Bama folks aren't picky....they aren't pushing for fancy bathtubs.....they don't care for gourmet kitchens.....and generally, every single house has a front porch of some practical use (based on the pictures I observed).  Maybe folks might glean some knowledge by observing this and get practical on the future of house building, for the folks in dire circumstances.

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