Saturday, 24 May 2014

Simply Observations

I blogged this last week....over Representative John Conyers of Michigan and his failure to accurately get enough signatures to get onto the primary ballot.  The district clerk declared he could not be on the ballot.  Well...yesterday, a federal judge stepped in and said that Michigan had too hard of a system to get onto the primary, and tossed out the situation....saying Conyers is now on the ballot.  No real shocks locally.....they all expected someone to help save Conyers.  Interestingly enough, the same type scenario occurred two years ago, and the federal judge in that case didn't want to help the guy involved....Republican, if you were curious his political identification.  My prediction in the primary is Conyers easily picks up sixty percent of the vote.

Press reports indicate that some guy walked up to the White House security gate and noted that he had an urgent appointment with the President, but wasn't on any visitor's list.  The guy argued for a second and then began to take off his clothing.  Yeah, he got down to nothing, and then the White House cops decided enough was enough.  They hauled him downtown for assault (he did try to throw a punch) and indecent behavior.  Adding to the episode is that ID that he showed.....was a foreign ID.  No one says his nationality or name, but I'm guessing he's probably another Canadian guy on drugs.  Just my humble opinion.

Some smart guys at University of Oxford sat down and analyzed life expectancy of folks with mental disease.   They came to some curious conclusions.  Generally, if you got some mental issues of an are carving off ten to twenty years of life from the normal expectations.  For recurring depression?  It's seven to eleven years less than average.   Bipolar?  It's nine to twenty years less.  For drug or alcohol abuse?  It's nine to twenty-four years less.  What they point out is that folks with mental issues don't access healthcare in appropriate manners for physical issues....until it's too late.  The bottom line?  A smoker might get more life years than a bipolar person.

Finally, some astrobiologists (yeah, there is such a profession) stood up this week and talked to Congress.  They more or less's absolute on life being found out in the universe....maybe bugs, maybe bigger critters, maybe even human-like creatures.  Not any of that ninety-seven percent's one-hundred percent.  And as they's only a matter of time before we come to have full evidence of such a situation.  And then what?  Well, it'll charge up most folks to ask stupid questions over creation and if there are a thousand Earth's out there.

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