Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ten Current Events and Likely Outcomes

Generally, the news guys do a lousy job of analyzing events and what is going to happen either next or at the conclusion.  So, let me pour over ten current big events.

1.  Hillary and the Prism Glasses.  It got out into the news this weekend that Hillary might have issues left over from the fall down at late 2013, with the concussion keeping her for four weeks in a hospital, and she might have brain damage as a result.  No real facts, but let's ponder upon one absolute fact....the prism glasses she wears.  Normally, no one gets prism glasses unless you have a bad concussion or a stroke, and you suffered vision problems.  No prism glasses prior to the you end up assuming some things.  I'm of the mind that there was no real fall....occurring from a stumble....but a fall due to a mini-stroke.  And journalists are trying to be careful not suggest anything....except some idiot Karl Rove fake stuff.  The gimmick here?  I think Hillary intends to influence the 2016 presidential race....mostly by not running, but having access to significant funding, and helping to influence the outcome of the race (over the Obama team's choice), and this ultimately has the favor reserved to help Chelsea (the daughter) in two to four years....get a fairly noted position in the next Democratic administration.

2.  Eastern Ukraine.  Russia is now stuck....taking on roughly one-third of Ukraine and around ten million Russian wannabe citizens....and the infrastructure involved.  More cash flow into the affected area than before?  No.  More road and bridge construction?  No.  More tourism?  No.  More agricultural output?  No.  More educational reform and funding?  No.  At some point, a bunch of wannabe Ukrainian guys pretending to be real Russians....will wake up in two to four years and ask what the heck this was all about.

3.  The House IRS Investigation.  By 2016, I see Lois Lerner in a tight bind and having to expend her own capital on fancy lawyers....and asking what the real payback will be.  Retirement?  Prison?  No real personal funding left?  I think Lois will come to say enough, and agree to sing like a bird.....which brings up five or six big name folks in the current administration.....but not the President.  The Republicans will be standing there....mostly not knowing what to do with so much potential, and screwing up the whole mess.  Lois?  She walks away....avoiding jail....retiring....and moving to some retirement community in Florida with a different hairstyle and using a made-up name to avoid recognition from the local community.

4.  By the summer of 2015...there's hardly a mention of Edward Snowden or the NSA mostly forgotten.  The Guardian reporters still pump out a report every two weeks.....trying to take down some giant beast that they continue to talk about....but no one much cares anymore.  And Edward?  Well....sitting in Moscow....making $4,000 a month as a consultant to someone over IT stuff, but they won't let him have administrator passwords to their system because they don't trust him.  And Ed is mostly wondering if his mythical hero status has kinda peaked out.

5.  This week, we learned that the super-fit freaks...the guys and gals who do marathon runs on a weekly basis.....are seriously damaging their heart and more likely in their later ages to have a pacemaker....than regular folks who do no big work-out schedule.  This will bring up various discussions over the next decade, and eventually....marathons will be considered a bad thing.  I won't say that they get terminated, but I suspect in twenty years that instead of eight thousand people showing up at some fancy city marathon might be eight hundred, and society might question the need of putting city or community funding into such an event.

6.  This Clippers-Sterling thing.  Basically, the necessity to correct Sterling (the owner of the Clippers) and his racist getting more publicity than the NBA playoffs going on currently.  To be honest, if you asked a hundred people to name names in the current play-off rounds....ninety-five percent would drift away and claim no knowledge over that, but know of the Sterling comments.  Lack of emphasis on the game itself?  Yeah.  The need to punish Sterling a bigger topic than the playoffs?  Oddly enough.  My guess is that the NBA will try to take the franchise back....some California judge will say that the wife can claim half-ownership, and therefore stop the whole game.

7.  The Republicans winning in November. they win, and then what?  There's not much to say or anticipate.  Just more thrilling chatter from the heartland over a lousy bunch of political figures (doesn't matter which party).....and nothing getting into a normal state of affairs...just the next round of fighting.

8.  I noticed this week that Baltimore's mayor is suggesting a 9PM curfew rule for teenagers.  Note, it's only a suggestion and no one really believes it'll happen.  The lawyer crowd?  They say it's unconstitutional.  If you use the same ought to be ok for teenagers, when acting as a carry guns, since there's no age limit for militia members written into the Constitution.  This 9PM rule?  As much as it might fix chance of happening.

9.  The BLM situation in Nevada.  Basically, it just evolves onto the next level.  Until some President comes up and does an executive order deal.....forcing the BLM crowd to dispense land back to'll just continue on.  Neither Congress or the Senate really want to resolve it.....because of the fake issue value attached to it.

10.  The Tea Party Evolution.  I don't think the Tea Party will ever disappear.  In 2016, you might see Tea Party enthusiasts start to think endorsing some Democrats who pick some neutral positions....because the Republican guys they endorsed were such losers.  This is why both parties hate the Tea Party stance so it could help and hurt them both.

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