Monday, 23 June 2014

McCain's Buddies

Last year....Senator John McCain (Rep, AZ), ended up going on a junket tour of sites in the Middle East to get the "inside knowledge" he required.

Lots of photos taken....this is one of them.

It's an odd photo....because what happened roughly fifteen months that Senator McCain met with ISIS terror leadership.  He probably didn't realize it.  He probably didn't ask any questions.  He probably just smiled and just waved at locals who thought he was some American Hollywood movie star from the 1960s.

How did he get talked into meeting with ISIS folks?  It's hard to say.  They were Jihadists and maybe McCain's handlers thought they were "good Jihadists" (an Administration slogan at times).

Most people who have insight into ISIS....readily agree that they have a significant amount of influence and capital coming from Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis....if you all upset when the Administration's two-star Syria-war concept fell apart and the Russians just trumped up the White House in a major way.  After that episode, it's likely that the Saudis drew up their own agenda and figured that their contract team in Syria (ISIS)....could easily turn and move into Iraq territory.

Over the weekend, if you read through British press's apparent that Iranian leadership is a bit disturbed over this whole mess.  They really don't need Sunni-influence within an hour's drive of the Iranian border.  If Iraq falls apart....into three states....they will be extremely weak and prone to more violence.  All of this is negative for Iran's future goals, but it makes the Saudis happy that Iran is disgruntled.

As for McCain?  I'm guessing he's asking stupid questions right now and wondering how his Chief of Staff convinced him to make this trip and who else he might be pictured with (maybe out of Mexico) that would be trouble in the future.  It's just another reason why no US Senators and Representatives ought to be traveling beyond the US border.

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