Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Lack of Hillary Show?

Some people are natural-born campaign figures. George Wallace of Alabama fame in the 1960s....could have stopped his car in some out and delivered a twenty-minute speech (unrehearsed and unwritten)....shook hands with three-hundred folks and gone onto another town within an hour's drive to deliver another totally different speech.  Bill Clinton had that capability and knew how to say all the pleasant things required to make folks happy.  There used to be fifty-odd Senators who could deliver an act like that with no problems.

Today?'s crap.

I can't think of a single Senator who could stand up and give a unrehearsed and unwritten speech.  Most require a operations chief to handle all of their office affairs, and a campaign chief to handle all of the politics involved.....with a speech-writer and a scheduler on the staff to handle major events.

All of this brings me around to Hillary Clinton.  In terms of campaign ability....she's a marginal 2-star player.  Her efforts in 2008 for the primary in Iowa.....which meant a lot.....were seriously lacking.  Her "squad" was there in Iowa at least six months prior to the primary and burned through a ton of cash.  There's no evidence that they really made any difference.  A bad political player can make up for their lousy campaign ability....with top-notch campaign staff personnel.  In her case?  She picked a group who just weren't up to the job.

This past month with various appearances and interviews....I've sat here from the distance in Germany and watched a couple of these unfold.  Either Hillary doesn't really care much for the whole act, or she's just doing it to pretend she's a contender when she isn't.  For the Democratic's a big question mark.  If she's not the big-time player.....then who is?  By January of 2015.....folks who are getting into the Iowa campaign swing theme....need to declare themselves and get folks up to talk up their objectives.  Right now.....there's just no one else talking about doing this.

In some ways....I imagine the 2008 run in the primary was the one and only chance in Hillary Clinton's life.  The stars were aligned.....the moon was rising....the waves were going the right way, and all she had to do was pull some minor victory out in Iowa's primary.  And she couldn't do it.

A real political figure would have looked at a loss in the Iowa primary....fired a couple of people....reorganized and really come back for a tough forty-five day "fight".  She wasn't that type of political player and just lounged through the rest of the primary episodes.  So I'm guessing this effort mostly for show and she has no intentions of running.  And without Hillary?  It's a big question mark for any Democrat for 2016.

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