Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Those Emails from IRS

If you follow the news....the last couple of days, there's been various comments made about the IRS and these missing emails.  We've now learned that Lois Learner's hard drive crashed and the IT department have no back-up copy beyond the last year or two of work.  Then yesterday, we learned that several other IRS folks had the same accident.

Having worked around IT folks, you don't have an incident like this to occur, and when it does happen....the director or commander would usually bring in the chief IT guy and fire him on the spot.  In this case?  Nothing.

The odds of six different people all have crashes and no surviving email trail?  It's practically impossible to rig up and occur by accident.  It's like lightning strike both goal posts in a NCAA football game, or your wife, girlfriend, mistress, and mistress #2 all happen to accidentally meet up at the local Piggy Wiggy on the same day---same time.  Statistically, it's just not possible.

So, this brings me around to the necessity of a independent investigator.  In a normal President Carters, President Reagan, President Clinton or President Bush'd to the right thing and appoint someone because it really starts to smell bad.  In this case?  Zero.  I doubt if there will be a guy appointed, and for the remaining 2.5's mostly a comical show of people just walking away.

All this does in open up the door for retribution, with no public prosecutor to be called in to fix wrongs.  How might this be corrected?  If fifty-one Republicans sit in the Senate in January.....I can see some light coming on and finally someone asking stupid questions to stupid idiots.  Either you run an ethical administration, or you run a comedy show.  For the IT crowd in the IRS....I suspect a number of them ought to be let go and new folks brought in.  Some folks might need to visit a federal prison for six months and get a new view of ethics.

Sadly, this is the state of affairs today....pretty screwed up and just begging for some naive people to exist.  Heck, if you get called into the IRS for an audit....what prevents you from using the same scheme.....I lost all my emails and digital just need to trust me.  How far will that go?

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