Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Nineteen Percent Day

If you picked up a New York Post today, there's this small story over insurance companies, and the expected rate of increase for January 2015.....for healthcare costs.  The shock?  Several are pushing toward a nineteen percent increase.  Whether it is finalized yet or not....some folks are likely sitting there and just asking themselves.....where in their pay-check does this come out of?

My general expectation is that around three-percent of the people who have insurance today.....likely will quit by 1 January as they figure out the rate of increase and the inability to cover that cost.  Naturally, losing a million folks.....means in July of 2015 when the insurance companies meet again, and set the 1 Jan 2016 rate......will go up yet again.

This is the problem with the method of allowing the government to mandate what happens but not really offering a control mechanism to keep something within reality.

A topic for the Sunday chatter shows?  Yeah, but what can you really say?  It was all expected, and there's no magic bullet to take down this beast.

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