Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Illegals

Yesterday, I came to note that some folks have awaken from this illegal immigration episode and asked why the US government is so busy in moving these illegal teens around, and yet in the inner city areas (like Baltimore, Memphis, Saint Louis, etc).....US citizen teens are under constant threat and ought to be offered some kind of "asylum" as well.  The hint pack them up and move them to safer territories.

At the heart of the matter....I don't think the Administration planned any of this, and it's more of a external plot by various drug cartels and gangs to take advantage of the government's limited view of forceful actions.  You could write the entire response of the past four weeks by the White House onto one 3x5 card.  It's safe to one is doing much of anything because no one in the White House has ordered much of anything.

Are inner city teens (regular American citizens) in a similar danger or threat that the illegals cite?  Yes.  Pick up your newspaper and look at shootings and stabbings in Baltimore.  Look over at violence in Washington DC's southeast neighborhoods.  Ask for a status of Houston inner city violence from any of the cops there.  It's bad.

So, why would you not treat these American kids the same way and put them on some plane to San Diego, or Waco, Texas or Coos Bay, Oregon?  These inner city kids are fearful....just like the illegals.  It just seems like you'd create some program with Greyhound tickets....and just send American kids all over the nation and let them restart just like the illegal kids.

Maybe it's silly, but we seem to have billions set up and ready to spend on everything except border security or a fence.  Why not spend the billions on our own kids and send them somewhere else as well?  

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