Wednesday, 24 September 2014

School Agendas

Quietly over the past decade.....some folks have woke up and spoke out to the idea that they think American history and high school.....have been diluted and they question what the heck is prioritized, who prioritized it, and who approved this learning agenda.

This past month....something of an unusual nature has started up in one particular school district.  They've got an elected group in the school board who decided to "juice-up" American history.

The new stuff?  It centers around respect for authority, patriotic material, and talks up capitalism or the free-market.  It decreases the amount of material for civil disorder, disregard for law, and social change.

So, you'd sit and think about this, and your natural comment would's not likely that any kid in the school system right now would care, or get irked by this. guessed wrong.  It's got students all twisted around, disturbed, and frustrated with "censorship" of what they were used to.  Or, that's what they say.  Yep....actual protests are being held over this new prioritization.

The change has not taken's simply being put in front of the public and the school board is debating the rational idea of rethinking what had been in place for a number of years.

Personally?  I'd hate to break it to these punk kids....but you've been getting censorship for five or six decades.  Angry about not getting your yearly amount of civil disorder material?  Would you even recognize disorder?  Big into social change?  What if some dimwit was herding like a bunch of cows toward some social change but it was going to harm you more than help you?  Would you even be smart enough to fight social change?

Fear of capitalism?  What nifty gimmick do you have to replace capitalism?  Want to rig up the market to help some idea flourish while another idea fails?  And who told you of this great trick?  Any chance they've got a front row seat and will be profiting heavily off your stupidity?

Define the free-market?  Do you even have the basic idea how it functions?

When I left high school in 1977.....I came to realize five years later that the value of my last five years of high school was marginal at best.  I knew almost nothing on economics, the free-market, or capitalism. My vast knowledge would have filled three or four 3x5 inch cards.

High school history?  It was probably thirty-percent of the big picture, and slanted.

Maybe these punk kids in Colorado should be protesting.....but they should have been protesting twenty years ago.   A high school education isn't what they think it is.  And maybe in the's just s piece of paper that some idiots stamped and suggest that you are competent barely function in life.

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