Thursday, 30 October 2014

Alabama: The Land Where Time Might Eventually Stand Still

This week, some Alabama state senator, Rusty Glover, pushing to achieve something that the nation itself, cannot achieve.

Rusty will put forward in January as the new legislative season opens in Montgomery......a bill to end daylight-savings time.  Based on commentary by various forum's probably a ten-to-one blessing on this.  It's hard to find anyone left in Bama who really wants the twice-a-year time change.

I should note.....earlier in 2014's beginnings....another Bama state senator did the same thing, but his episode ended when the authorities came to charge him with various crimes.  While a defined as a misdemeanor type event.....this guy ended up in some plea agreement and paid $24,000 in fines to the state.  This is one of the problems with Alabama might be really surging in popularity and the next day find yourself all screwed up because you helped your cousin get a contract, accepted money from a massage-parlor therapist, or got drunk and disorderly at some Baptist church revival.

In Rusty's episode?  He's currently clean and uncharged on any front.  He might survive 2015, and actually run for the governor's position in 2016.

The bill itself?  Rusty said that it'd likely pass, but only after daylight savings time goes into effect in the spring.  So, the bill will say that as fall approaches and it's time to revert to 'normal-time'.....we won't move, and will on permanent daylight-savings time.

Now, what I expect eventually to occur is the split of Bama folks.....kinda like NCAA football action (Bama and Auburn), where one group wants to be permanently on daylight-savings time,and one group wants to be permanently on standard-time.

Farmers, engineer, gas-station attendants, Mountain Dew enthusiasts, flea market sales people, agricultural agents, ranchers, meth technicians, and snake-handling ministers.....will all have a personal opinion about this and voice discontent with the way this ends up.  One group will voice the terrible frustration of being permanently on daylight-savings time, and one will voice a woeful discontent about just living one time only.

For this reason, I'm predicting that some unfortunate corruption episode will befall Rusty Glover's destiny, and end this before it occurs.  Not that I really want Rusty to fall a step or two.....but it's the Alabama way of correcting righteous enthusiasm before things get out of control.  I should add.....without some lobbyist group or some corrupt millionaire benefiting, the natural tendency for failure is enormous in Alabama.

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